By: joealaska , 6:40 AM GMT on April 25, 2012

The last couple of days, especially evenings, we have had wind and rain. The MELT has been ongoing. My driveway is completely clear of snow. First time since New Years. The 20 foot pile of plowed snow at the end of my driveway has melted to an 8 foot pilette. The deep piles will be here for awhile, but large areas of the shallow stuff is gone. Brown ground.

Now the saturated earth is falling apart. The road to the top of Haystack has many rocks and huge chunks of sod in the roadway. Today I took a cruise out Captains Bay Road. On one of those turns right by up-and-down-cliffs one BIG boulder and a bunch of rocks had just fallen down when I passed by. The mess covered one full lane. I called for help, but was the second to do so. A front loader was sent out to clear it all.

There was a crime wave in Dutch two days ago. Vandals. NOT the middle ages guys, just some local punks. We were a victim. Our warehouse was tagged with spray paint. As well as our wing truck (MICHELIN) and some container vans at our dock. A slap of paint on our warehouse wall would fix the worst of it. Our windows were easily cleaned, as well as the wing truck. I was not inclined to call the cops until our friend at the company next door let me know her new company truck was also a target.

OH yeah, we are getting a new wing truck. It will be the ONLY new wing truck around. All the others are falling apart, like big yellow.

When I called the police I found out it was all more wide-spread. Including the Russian Church. I do not think there are gangs here, but evidently we have our share of idiots. I admit, there was a golden age where I was an idiot. One day I may tell you about the carload of pumpkins we all pilfered and how we disposed of them. Safely, yet productively.

Gnu Guy is back as of today. He was able to meet my sister CYBER in Boise just a couple days ago. Now I hear OGAL and HOMER will be meeting. Good stuff.

OGAL, by the time you get here it will be light until midnight.

6 days from right now I will be heading to LA.

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4. insideuk
5:26 PM GMT on April 25, 2012
Apparently the product to reach for when a vandal has 'tagged' your car/ wing truck/ container van with a stylistic swirl of aerosol paint is plain old WD40.

That is also the product to reach for when your pet beaver keeps chewing on your favourite tree.

Can't think why I ever thought I'd need to remember that information. But isn't that the way it usually goes? All the useful, entirely necessary stuff we file away in our brains is somehow muddled up with the less useful but entirely fascinating stuff we just don't want to let go of.

Like knowing what happens if you mix cornflour with water and pour it on your hi-fi speakers...

img src="">

Just don't do it with your own speakers. Find a youth with spray paint on his hands and do it with his. Most especially if you are related to him and you've heard what happened to the local church. Then he'll learn 2 valuable lessons in one day.

Right before the cops pick him up, which they will.

Right after they are through cautioning Pudden the pumpkin purloiner.

I'm going to assume he baked lots of pies and sold them for a charitable cause...

Until he, or the police blotter, tells me otherwise.

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3. cybersuze
2:05 PM GMT on April 25, 2012
Gnu guy is a nice guy and I suspect good company up there in Dutch! Just saw some of those videos with Fox sound and the eagle sweeping up the rat, and these photos! Good stuff Joba! have a great vacation! big howdy to cassa and co!
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2. Rotty3
10:20 AM GMT on April 25, 2012
after a cold front here, temps shall rise to 82f/28C again today. It's hard to imagine that there's still major snow in Dutch Harbor.

Still here, lots of stuff going, will try to read at work later and post if I have time.
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1. DHaupt
7:40 AM GMT on April 25, 2012
I seem to recall that your warehouse and certainly the buildings around it haven't felt the balm of fresh paint in at least 70 years! You really ought to encourage the local punks, lets be nice and call them taggers, to relieve their boredom and learn a trade at the same time. When the police catch up with them, they could receive a "community service sentence." Don't worry about colors or drips, runs and spills, just thoroughness of application.

Down here on the coast, we don''t have mud season; it's one of our lesser joys. I do recall Spring in the little hamlet of Paw Paw, IL, when I was a grade schooler. I particularly remember trudging home from school one beautiful early April day with my overly warm flannel jacket slung over my shoulder and my black rubber boots unbuckled because my feet were sweating, crossing a muddy field to save a block of walking. With a sickening sucking sound, by left boot stuck, my foot lifted out and came down with my foot mired up to the ankle top in icy mud thus upsetting my balance and sending all of me into the same chilling muck. Ah, the joys of Spring and reminiscences of long lost youth. Keep your boots buckled tight!

April showers in our forecast for the rest of the week then warm and blissful this weekend. You will really enjoy the lower 48 if you pick the right parts of it.
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