By: joealaska , 8:12 AM GMT on March 17, 2012

The snow continues daily. There is bright, blinding sun at times. But the snow continues. I can only imagine the snow depth at the pass or out on Summers Bay Road. At the pass I know it is at least 20 feet deep in the shadowed areas. Summers Bay Road goes along those steep cliffs where avalanches are probably a daily event. The road is closed and not plowed. Will have to wait for Mother Nature to melt it. She is a paid city employee.

It could be June first before it opens again. Seriously.

4 years ago when I came here that was the case. I arrived in April and had no idea there were roads out past the DUMP. THERE ARE!

The snow is drifting each day with the wind from different directions. Piles are moved around. The sharp tipped drift out my northern door has encompassed my porch. The porch is about three feet above the ground. The tip is a few feet higher. On the other side of my place there is a flat drift, just a bunch of snow. It is about 5 feet deep covering maybe 4000 square feet. The road below my place is redrifting daily. Wind scoured tongues of snow hanging out into the SINGLE LANE pf road now open. The road is rarely busy. If you meet someone, EVERYONE is backing up to make it work.

GNU and I have had an interesting week. Long days with a late phone call after we went home. I make the call based on what is happening. If it is 20 pallets to be delivered, I call the warehouse guys. If it is 20 items to be pulled and delivered, it is borderline. Maybe GNU, maybe the other guys. Depends on what happened the day before, and what is scheduled the next day.

I could have had the OTHER guys help, but GNU and I went back late three times in the last 5 days. We filled a decent order to be delivered EARLY AM by another guy. We had to figure out what was still missing from an evening delivery and deliver it. Done personally.

Finally, a late ADD ON to an order we delivered earlier last night...

Bear with me.

I had to set up a router at my house for my new i-phone. I did that successfully. It took a couple attempts. When it finally connected, there was a message from a boat we had delivered to earlier that evening. They needed some TEA and FISH SAUCE. Not a lot, but they needed it. It was going on midnight. I called GNU to see if he was interested in going with me. As always. YES.

It was a blizzard when we headed out, and when we got there. You had to be there. Always entertaining, even to us locals. Late night on the dock. In bad weather. In 99% of these cases, everyone is very polite. Easy to get along with. Just the case here.

We went on the boat to get a signature for our order of less than a hundred dollars, and we were invited to the dinner about to be served on the vessel. It smelled GOOD, ribs. I was the one to pass. It was a big day next day. Plus, I had my dinner in the oven turned way down.

My vacation is in 6 weeks. Rental cars are VERY HIGH when you go one way. In this case I leave Albuquerque and arrive in Louisville. I anticipate the charge around 600 bucks. For 10 days. It is a rip off when you go one way. Then I had to make a change. Now they wanted 1600 bucks. I spent a couple days trying to find a better option. Finally I found the RIGHT guy. I pick up at the END of my stay in Albuquerque instead of up front. NOW it is $400. Sounds like a racket to me.

More to say. After midnight, gotta go.

New fox chowing.

Big day tomorrow.


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17. calpoppy
12:51 AM GMT on March 20, 2012
Kodiak Island is slowly creeping toward a record snowfall this year.

I love the photo of your cat, what a great view you have!
Member Since: February 18, 2008 Posts: 84 Comments: 5440
16. Rotty3
10:15 PM GMT on March 19, 2012
Joe, thank you !!!! Got it :)
Member Since: January 6, 2005 Posts: 18 Comments: 1649
15. insideuk
1:02 PM GMT on March 19, 2012
Sorry to hear Mother Nature keeps moving your piles around. If there is one thing worse than suffering piles it's not knowing where you will find them next. I suspect when your southern porch is covered in a bunch you know you got problems...

It's all in the PREPERATION – PH.

Glad you got the TEA delivered. When you need it, you NEED it. It is one of life's essentials for those of us in the know.


Fish sauce, I wouldn't class as urgent so much.... But then again, I don't live on a fishing boat – maybe they use it as bait? Tip a smidgeon over the rails and wait for the fishes to get curious about this fabulous new scent that makes them simply irresistible to all?

Of course GNU's gonna come with you – having phoned to make him aware you are about to slide down the road past his place on DEAD MANS CORNER. He's hardly going to sleep tight knowing you're on the move is he? Might as well take his chances on the darkened dock, in a blizzard, clutching emergency fish sauce supplies. Better to stop out and eat ribs than stay home get 'em broke.

Sounds like your car rental guys just pluck a figure out of thin air – how much you get charged is dependant on which way the wind blows. That's fortunate given that the other more sensible option is to charge according to how much you could devalue their car in 10 days – potential total loss. It's an unlimited mileage package for JUST $400 is it? All insurances included? Sat Nav option ticked? Really?

It's a golf cart isn't it? No, they have 4 wheels – you usually opt for travelling on just 3 when covering long distances.

I got it.

One can only hope you included the plastic door and wind-shield wiper options at 25 cents extra per day. You can recoup the cost by utilising your iphone as a headlight...

Member Since: February 28, 2009 Posts: 0 Comments: 1763
14. dix608greys
7:11 PM GMT on March 18, 2012
Hi all! Yes, I have been lurking. Been very busy in the house doing some reno in preparation for putting the house on the market. Trying to do most of it myself but I just contracted a guy to lay porcelain tile in 2 bathrooms. They're on the 2nd floor or else I could have done it myself. I'm too old to carry heavy tiles up a flight of stairs.

Like most of the USA we are experiencing a very early and very warm spring. The Bradford Pear trees normally bloom on St Pat's Day but this year were about 10 days early. My daffodils have come and gone and even the big, old oaks in the back are starting to bud. They are normally the last to leaf out. As you know this whole winter has been very odd and it continues in the south with thunderstorms and torrential rains. This morning about 9:00 it rained so hard that I could not see across the street. Meanwhile Joe and his neighbors are snowed in and must be sick to death of dealing with the snow and ice. I know I would be.

Wish I could comment on basketball but I don't watch it. In fact I seldom watch TV of any kind- just some Today Show in the morning to catch up on the news.

Hope everyone enjoyed their St Patrick's Day. Normally I make corned beef but the older we get, the less I feel inclined to make a big deal out of holiday dinners. The "Irish" in us enjoyed a pizza and a Greek salad last night.
Member Since: July 16, 2005 Posts: 0 Comments: 320
13. dotmom
3:16 PM GMT on March 18, 2012
Joe is busy! The Iditerod has come and gone and he didn't give us any comment on it. Hope his life settles down a bit - snow stops snowing and the goings and comings are easier.

The Cats and Cards both won last night. Cats won big and the Cards squeaked through. A win is a win. I couldn't sleep for several hours after going to bed! It was a job cheering them on.

Beautiful day in KY today - rain last night. The Bradford Pear trees are in full bloom and we have an abundance of them in our neighborhood. The tulip trees and and other spring blooms are beautiful. It is all happening so early. We always look to Derby for the early blooms. This year, they will be long gone. I don't know about you - but I am blaming it on Al Gore!
Member Since: April 3, 2008 Posts: 0 Comments: 1618
12. code1
1:46 AM GMT on March 18, 2012
Can't see w contacts I'n on cell phone. Way near sighted....GO CATS tho!!!!
Member Since: September 18, 2005 Posts: 66 Comments: 13872
11. Bogon
9:51 PM GMT on March 17, 2012
Midway through the first half Murray State appears to be struggling versus Marquette. This early in the game the score doesn't necessarily mean much, though.

Looks to me as if UK should have clear sailing into the final four. There's nobody on their dance ticket they shouldn't be able to handle.

Of course, Duke may have thought the same thing. Sometimes those less well known teams like VCU or Lehigh can be more dangerous than the ranked opponents. If they come to the game sky high and shooting hot, watch out! It's that Cinderella factor that makes NCAA basketball special among all sports. Gotta love it.

Except that now I have to worry what Creighton will bring to Greensboro tomorrow. Sigh.
Member Since: June 26, 2008 Posts: 88 Comments: 4864
10. dotmom
6:35 PM GMT on March 17, 2012
Ylee: We are getting geared up for the games. We usually go to Sunday mass on Sunday - duh - but we are going to meet our obligation this afternoon and say a couple of prayers. Like God has time for basketball!

I had Duke going to the final 8. Oh well, just remember this is all for fun. After church, we will come home, have a bite to eat - I will get into the pjs and park myself in front of the TV for awhile. No doubt will be doing some "catnapping" (just a play on words) while watching.

JoeA - how do you like your new phone?
Member Since: April 3, 2008 Posts: 0 Comments: 1618
9. joealaska
4:28 PM GMT on March 17, 2012
KY and UL are vulnerable today.

If UK wins, it will be close.
Member Since: April 2, 2008 Posts: 957 Comments: 1006
8. seflagamma
4:06 PM GMT on March 17, 2012
Hello Joe,

Happy St Patti's Day to you!

Rainbow image
St Patricks Day Graphics
Member Since: August 29, 2005 Posts: 313 Comments: 41174
7. OGal
2:35 PM GMT on March 17, 2012

WooHoo Purdue made it in the first round. Next Kansas.....hummm....hope springs eternal.

Joe glad you can see your vacation time coming up. Keeps you going from day to day in all that snow. Will it be gone when I get to Anchorage in May? Sure hope so.

Congrats to all the Ky Teams.

Dotmom son has a washer and dryer for sale. Know of anyone who needs one? I think he is selling almost every thing he owns. On to new stuff for his new digs.

All you Joe bloggers have a Happy St P's Day!
Member Since: August 28, 2005 Posts: 72 Comments: 19224
6. Ylee
2:22 PM GMT on March 17, 2012
Well, if Mizzou can lose to Norfolk St.......:)
Member Since: February 3, 2011 Posts: 126 Comments: 22421
5. iaotter
2:15 PM GMT on March 17, 2012
How about them Iowa State Cyclones! That certainly wasn't expected... not even by Iowa State fans.
Don't know how far they will get. Checked their web site and it is about 9 hours before they will probably be creamed by Kentucky. But, it will be fun while it lasts.
Member Since: March 22, 2010 Posts: 0 Comments: 272
4. Ylee
2:02 PM GMT on March 17, 2012
Hi, Dotmom! Are you and JoeKy ready for another day of March Madness?

Mixed emotions is when you have Duke picked in your bracket to go to the regional finals, but of course, then they go lose in the round of 64! ;-)(Most Kentucky fans don't like Duke, BTW!)
Member Since: February 3, 2011 Posts: 126 Comments: 22421
3. dotmom
1:26 PM GMT on March 17, 2012
Ylee: (Would a Murray State online student be called an e-Racer?)

Good one!
Member Since: April 3, 2008 Posts: 0 Comments: 1618
2. Ylee
12:48 PM GMT on March 17, 2012
Me, I would've had the ribs and gave the oven food to the foxes, or at least saved it in the fridge for later! One thing I've learned is if that someone offers you free food, take them up on the offer, because(1) it's probably better than what you planned, and (2)the hosts usually feel good about themselves to be able to share!

GNU(or not so gnu by now!) has been a blessing for you this season, I think. Certainly has made it easier on you!

All the KY teams play this evening! Go Cats, Cards, and Racers!(Would a Murray State online student be called an e-Racer?)
Member Since: February 3, 2011 Posts: 126 Comments: 22421
1. Rotty3
12:12 PM GMT on March 17, 2012

Sounds like a busy week. Hope you get some well deserved rest soon.

When will the heavy load fishing season be over? How long before the next one starts up?

All the best on getting a good vacation. I wonder if you could do a round trip car rental and then say, well, I needed to get back fast, so I needed to drop the car here. Would they still charge the extra high costs?
Member Since: January 6, 2005 Posts: 18 Comments: 1649

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