By: joealaska, 8:41 AM GMT on December 30, 2011

OK, last night was not very restful. And I plan on working on making these flights work out better in the future. Landing around 11 PM, flying out at 5 AM = NOT VACATION.

I laid down on a bench for awhile, and got an hour or so of sleep. There were a lot of others doing the same thing, so there were people walking by all the time. It wakes me up, just like all those airport announcements, and any other noise. I took what sleep I could get. My flight left at 5 AM. I was back up and ready at 3 AM.

There were WALKING DEAD stumbling around wherever I looked.

Eventually a lady with a DISTINCTIVE voice started waking up anyone sleeping asking if they were going on PENAIR (Me). Time to check in.

Turns out this was a special day. FOUR flights were leaving EARLY. Normally there are four flights per day. Today one was leaving at 5, then 5:15, then 5:30, and finally 5:45. I was the 5:45.

We took off in the cold dark, heading to King Salmon for refueling. And waiting for daylight. WHAT? Dutch Harbor is not a controlled airport. No instrument landings. So the modern plane must land in DAYLIGHT, determined officially as CIVIL DAYLIGHT. If they knew we were going to have to wait AN HOUR, why not just leave at 6AM? I know, crazy talk. The temperature was below zero at King Salmon. Nobody told us to dress for subzero weather. We had to endure.

We were near Dutch when the sun became visible. Maybe 10 AM. The final approach was really nice. We dropped down below the cloud layer and found a great sunrise in progress. But the ride was rough and all my photos were trash.

We landed at 11 AM. The ground was covered in snow 6" to 18". A squall was moving in. My phone was ringing again.... OH JOY!

A couple hours later I tried to sleep a bit, and got in another quality hour. But I felt good. There were calls to work, from work, and about work.

Working on some research regarding retiring in Belize, Ecuador, Costa Rica, or Panama. Any feedback?



By: joealaska, 9:45 AM GMT on December 29, 2011

Long day getting longer.

Was at the airport shortly after 11AM Wednesday.

One hour and a half to Chicago. Over 4 hours to Seattle. Over 3 hours to Anchorage. Sitting in Anchorage at 4:30 AM LOUISVILLE time. My FIVE AM flight (in 4.5 hours) is not listed on the board. On my boarding pass, it says the normally 3 hour flight will take 4.5 hours. Sounds like a couple of stops on the way. Something tells me there may be more Christmas surprises yet to go.

12 degrees here, plenty of snow on the ground.

The flight into Seattle was semi-eventful. We were told about turbulence in the area. As we were coming in on final approach, the plane was rockin’ and rollin’. There was a heavy cloud layer, and we only saw lights on the ground at the last minute. Then the engines were being gunned, and we were heading steeply upward. Not good. The pilot eventually makes an announcement. We were on final approach when our plane was quickly catching up with a slower plane ahead of us. So we had to abort and go around. When we popped through the clouds the second time, we were just about on the runway. And still rockin’ and rollin’. When we touched down there was a round of applause from the passengers.

So now I am in The Terminal Hotel. (Just with a lot of people trying to catch some sleep in the terminal). The benches here are not conducive to sleeping. About 4 feet long. But I walked around and found some longer benches. They are getting filled up as I write. One guy snoring loud. A girl with her tiny dog curled up on top of her. And there are public service announcements every few minutes. Just in time to wake me up again. Are we ALL not aware there is NO SMOKING?

I get in Dutch (supposedly) around 10:30 AM local.

I have trouble sleeping during the day, too.



By: joealaska, 2:02 AM GMT on December 28, 2011

It had been very nice in Louisville the first couple days. Sunny, calm, around 50 degrees. Christmas Day was like that. Then yesterday it got cooler and clouds moved in. I knew weather was coming in today, Tuesday. So last night I hit a few putts on the green near my folks house. That was the only golf for me in Louisville.

Late last night the rain came in pretty hard. It rained most of today, even had some snow showers.

I sit here Tuesday evening realizing I will be home in Dutch in about 38 hours. Boy this vacation sure went fast. Spent too much time getting started. Already making plans for when I return here in May.

Christmas Day was very good. Family time. I was surprised by a Holiday Package sent to the house from The United Kingdom. It was packed with all sorts of goodies, mainly chocolate oriented. THANKS to UK and Cadbury. It just goes to show how far we have come with Kentucky-British relations.

I checked out the weather cams in Dutch today. Some of the cameras have a loop that shows weather moving through. Looks like they have had snow the last few days. Lots of white. And COLD for Dutch. Low 20s.

Cybersuze, her hubby, and father-in-law left earlier today for Boise.

Now we must adjourn to watch Louisville in THE BELK BOWL. And while I know everyone loves football, college basketball is going on. Louisville VS Kentucky New Years Eve. Depending on what poll you look at, it is #3 meeting #4 (or so).

See you in Dutch.



By: joealaska, 3:19 PM GMT on December 23, 2011

Last time we talked I was in Naples Park in SW Florida. There was already a couple of messed up days, so now it was time to cruise and golf. I headed north, using I-75. Near Tampa Bay I cut across the state on I-4. Orlando, Daytona Beach, and Jacksonville. Normally I avoid freeways. But these were all new for me, and it was time to get going.

I went with the theory of drive as long as possible, then find a course to play until dark. This was a gamble, as I was cutting it close. If I stumbled around trying to find something, or if I ran into crowded courses, I may end up playing nowhere.

At the last minute I found Grand Reserve in Bunnel, Fla. Just south of Jacksonville. I played by myself even though there were plenty of people playing ahead of me. The sun was just setting as I finished. Found a hotel nearby.

Next morning I went through Saint Augustine before hitting Jacksonville. There was another nice bridge as I did the beltway around town, 9A. Suddenly I was in Georgia. Still flat, but the trees got a little more color to them. I was on I-95 north and making good time. I really wanted to golf in Georgia, as I had not ever done so yet. But I looked up and I was in South Carolina. I left 95 at state route 21 toward Orangeburg. Looking for golf again, and I was taking smaller roads that would sooner or later go by a course. So it was northeast through North, South Carolina. From there straight north toward Columbia. On the way I found Hidden Valley in Gaston. Nice!

Tuesday night I heard about rain coming into the area Wednesday. The weather map looked better to the north.

Wednesday morning it was pouring. It was constant, and very hard at times. Traffic was heavy. With all the cars and all that moisture, it was hard to see at times. But early afternoon it stopped.
Wanted to play in Tennessee, but ended up in Kentucky. I asked someone and they said there was a small course nearby. I got directions to The Golf Club. Just north of Williamsburg, Kentucky. Very LOW KEY. It was like a family built a golf course on their farm. Many quirks. I liked it. Only 9 holes, so I played it twice. But there were many extreme UPS and DOWNS. Hitting from up on a hill to a valley below, several times. But also hitting UP some very steep hills (rarer in everyday golf courses). In many cases the ball would roll well back if you did not reach the top. The course was VERY WET. Standing water here or there. I slipped on the first hole on a slick hillside and had mud all over me. Who cared, I was the only guy on the course.

Stayed in Corbin. Again the TV weather was talking rain coming through Kentucky next day., but it would start around noon or so.

Next morning it was cloudy but dry. There was a small course I found across town called Tri-County. Basic golf. But it was all I needed. The course was only 9 holes, and I stopped after one round.. The clouds got darker, but the rain held off longer than I expected.. Finally it turned foggy or hazy, and the air was drenched in moisture. But the rain held off another hour, then just DUMPED water. Again hard to see while driving.

I turned my rental tank (Ford EPIC?) in at the airport in Louisville. It was pouring, and there was no roof. I paid a $15 fee because I turned my car in 2 hours early.

But I am home in Louisville until next Wednesday. Good seeing the folks and one of my sisters. One more sister is due tomorrow, Christmas Eve. The third sister is back in New Mexico taking care of her alpacas. Will have a good Christmas at home.

My brother in law and father in law will also be here.

Have a safe and MERRY CHRISTMAS.



By: joealaska, 12:32 AM GMT on December 19, 2011

So lets recap.

MONDAY. Supposed to leave. Did not, as the flight was cancelled due to weather (somewhere). It was not bad in Dutch. I had already checked my golf clubs as baggage. I went to the counter and asked NOW WHAT? They said to call them next morning around 10 AM, and things would be worked out.. The airport does not open until 9:30 AM.

But Alaska Air was open, and I called. The best he could offer was getting me to Seattle. Then I would be in Seattle for at least a day, sitting. Waiting for something to open up. I took it. Any improvement, I take it. Reservations are always changing. Openings open. So I caught the 1:20 to Anchorage.

And when I was still in Dutch, I asked a friend behind the counter to work some magic to Tampa.
I wanted to see if SHE could find a connection. Holidays + Florida = Trubba. And she came through, where Alaska Airlines could not. She got me booked to arrive in Tampa Bay at 7:55 PM Wednesday. Plus she was able to get all window seats at the last second. A day and a half later than originally planned.

I tried to do better in route, but no sir.

Spent two hours in Anchorage.

I arrived in Seattle just in time for all restaurants to be closing. Like, right on the minute. So I got a pre-made stale turkey sandwich from a coffee shop. Hell, THEY were about to close. It was about 11PM locally.

I found my next gate and set up camp. I watched BBC / America until I was tired. Found a row of seats with NO sides, and stretched out. I read The New York Times and a great article on the anniversary of the big race to DISCOVER the South Pole. Amundsen and Scott.

I changed locations a couple of times, eventually trying to sleep where I normally cannot. I did get a few cat naps. Nothing lengthy, forget the REM.

Early flight to Dallas. Got some more sleep. Eventually some screaming babies ended THAT.

Dreary in Dallas. Rain and fog.

The next plane was late leaving, as the crew was late. After a 4 hour layover for me. We landed in Tampa around 8:30 local.

A long day got longer.

My golf clubs were a no show. I talked to the lady at American for some time. I gave up for then, and I went for the rental car. OOPS, needed a bit more insurance because it was Florida. Then I was gone. I left to drive about 45 minutes across Tampa to Indian Rocks Beach. My car was a Ford Focus. I go bare bones, just get me there. This was the FIRST rental I have gotten that had no cruise control...

Earlier, from Dallas, I had found a room in Indian Rocks Beach online. Thought it was a hotel, but it was a vacation time share. So I never checked in or out, officially. They front desk was only manned a few hours. Regular business, then done.

It was nice.

BO met me there to touch base. It was 10 PM. And we had early golf. So we said HI, and BYE. We would see each other in a few hours. I ordered some shrimp from CRABBY BILLS. Then I was up talking to AMERICAN until 1:30 AM.

Yet, I was perky and awake at 6:30 AM.

BO and I went to a nice golf course at a local resort. Would tell you where, but not sure of the spelling.

We hit a few practice balls, putted a few minutes, then we played 36 holes. I tried to rent a set of clubs, but they gave them to me for free, as well as provided used golf balls for me to use. Nice!

It was ugly. Eventually I got my swing together, and I hit a few good shots. Bo is a much better golfer than I. But I think I dragged him down with me to a degree. Golfers feed on the competition.
Or the lack of it. All I can confirm is that there were two WHIFFS and one DOUBLE HIT between the two of us.

We had a few beers after, then it was over.

During the round I made some calls about my clubs. I personally called Dutch Harbor and had someone confirm my clubs LEFT Dutch. There was that cancellation and change...

Then I heard back. The clubs were still there. Bad news for a golf vacationer. But they would send them out asap. I asked them to send them to Miami instead of Tampa Bay. I was now headed THERE. And the airline agreed. I had to make phone calls while I was golfing to get this all straight.

Next morning I left during rush hour in Tampa Bay. Friday. The highlight was the Sunshine Skyway on 275 south.

I saw a lot of flat Florida that could have been any of 20 states. The real disappointment was Lake Okechobee. I rode along the shore for many miles, but only caught a glimpse of the lake. I assume it was a manufactured fresh water lake, because there is a 20 foot dike holding the lake. Florida is so flat, there were no views over that dike. But one time I went over a high bridge that offered some nice views.

I found RON’S house in Boca Raton with no problem. He has 2 Dobermans that greeted me. They were very friendly for the rest of my visit. Ron and I had a lot to catch up on. We went out for a quick lunch. Later we went to a nice steak house where he treated me to a great dinner. Right on the beach.

Ron and Bo are both struggling with the current economy. They are both in real estate. Bo in retail, Ron in Commercial. Times are tough.

Last night, after Ron and I had dinner, I called American about my missing clubs. AGAIN, after many conversations, they were one conversation behind in the communications. They said they were in Tampa, but would be sent on to Miami. They even told me the time of landing in Miami.
8:55 Friday night.

Did not get a lot of sleep at Ron’s last night. We kept all the windows open. I slept on his couch, and I heard far off noises outside all night.

Saturday morning I called AMERICAN again. AGAIN I had to explain everything to the latest agent. They said they saw no proof it got to Miami. I felt it was there. So I decided to head for Miami.

I said BYE to Ron and went to the car. It did not start. DEAD. Unfortunately, there were no jumper cables around. Ron called AAA and they were there in 10 minutes. The car started right up.
But he ran a test and said the battery was bad, and may not restart again.

So I took the car to Miami International to turn in to the rental company, and I was going to get my clubs.

The rental car was very easy. They said no problem. All we have is SUV or bigger, but the price will remain the same. Mission accomplished. So now I got a Ford TANK.

Next I took the long walk to Baggage Claim. A tram and several long moving walkways. FINALLY I found the office. I had to wait while others fought the battle. When I was received, the guy had no clue, as he was a couple calls behind. He said the package was still in Tampa. But he got it together. Finally he says, just come on back and look. I go in the back room with him, and I spot it. A girl is working with it. She is trying to identify the bag. My name tag on the bag is now torn in half. She just had half of everything.

I had made a new name tag in Dutch, and the attendant put it on the bag. Where did it go?

THAT was the issue.

But I got my clubs.

And I got to Key West after another LONG day. I got a nice room at IBIS BAY and had a decent dinner of stone crab. I woke up early and headed to Key West Country Club. There was a steady stream of people going out, and I was about to head on and find somewhere else. But I went in to the pro shop and talked to the guy. Nobody was going out for awhile. Except ME!

It was nice. Played at a leisurely pace.

Then I was headed back north on Route 1. The keys were not quite what I expected. There were a couple long bridges, but most of the ride was on islands, with little views. It was still interesting. There were a lot more keys than I expected. Including COW KEY, and CUDJOE KEY. (No relation).

Later today I drove across the southern tip of the state on Route 41. Not the official Alligator Alley, but close enough. I saw signs regarding alligators and panthers. The weather was great, and there was some actual views to see on that drive. It looked like animal heaven, especially for birds.

So now I sit in Naples Park, in western Florida. Tomorrow I head north, but only after I check out a nice golf course I saw near here. I see winter weather moving in, and will remain in the warm areas for a few days.

Had no internet for last few days.



By: joealaska, 8:06 AM GMT on December 13, 2011

Still here.

I checked with the airline mid-day and they said my 4:15 flight would be about an hour late.

No problem, as I had a 4 hour layover at Anchorage.

So I spent 20 bucks on a bacon cheeseburger and beer sitting there at the airport.

And then the announcement, barely audible in the restaurant... Flight 3295 cancelled due to weather.

This is a first for me. And it sucks.

I went to the counter, they said call back at 10 next morning. Hopefully a replacement flight would be put into place. Maybe, maybe not.

So I missed my flight. My connections, as well as rental car, and tee times, were screwed.

I called Alaskan Airlines. I tried to extend my vacation by one day or so. Nothing. They could get me to Anchorage, but that is where the problem arose. EVERYONE was trying to get to Dutch at that time. The boat crews. I was told the first opening was January 13th.

No good.

Fluid situation. Weather is now HERE, blowing at 40 plus or minus, with rain.

More tomorrow.

Updated: 5:57 PM GMT on December 13, 2011



By: joealaska, 7:03 AM GMT on December 08, 2011

Watching a special on History Channel about what happened the day after Pearl Harbor. Very interesting. It took HOURS before Roosevelt knew really what happened. (No Twitter). Franklin Delano is being treated for sinus issues. This was the 1940s, and the treatment was cocaine. Ah, the good old days. Pearl was overwhelmed with the wounded. All they could do was give pain killers. And that ran out.

Roosevelt warned Douglas MacArthur in the Philippines about another attack as a follow up. MacArthur said it was all covered. They they got blasted. No excuse.

FDR had made provisions to give HALF his estate, in the chance of his early demise, to his assistant.
His WIFE would get the rest. FDR also evidently had an affair, so he and his wife had separate rooms during his presidency. LOVE U.S. history. I bet this is more like history of mankind.

Then there is the fact FDR hid his disability to the US. Successfully. The press left his wheelchair out of their photos. But when he went he went to Congress to tell them about the attack (“A date that will live in infamy”) his biggest challenge was walking that aisle to his podium. Unassisted. And he did it.

JOEKENTUCKY spent time in Guam during that big war, just down the road from Pear Harbor. He killed zero of the enemy, and he was not killed. I call that a victory! It is an experience I will never understand. My number was close to being drafted way back when, but I got lucky. I just missed. So I now sit here fat and inexperienced. I blew Veterans day a couple weeks ago. STUPID me, I knew it was coming but expected it on a Monday. Wrong.

Thanks to JOEKENTUCKY and all of the others.

We will gain the inevitable triumph. So help us God.

Good stuff.

Churchill was happy as hell it happened (indirectly), as now he gained the US as an ally. Hitler, ally to the Japs, was jut as surprised at the attack. He thought the Japs had not lost a war in a couple thousand years and that this was now a done deal. Adolph Adolph Adolph.

It has been 70 years since that attack. But I do not think time will cloud our memories.

I give the Japanese credit, sorta. They bombed sleeping soldiers with guns. SOME of them ought be awake. With guns. They were not. THIS, versus attacking 3000 people going to work who had no guns.

War has no rules I know. But the REAL story always makes the history books.

DUTCH TO CARIBOU MAINE... 4014 miles, as the raven flies.

DUTCH TO HONOLULU...2300 miles south EAST.

DUTCH TO KEY WEST... 4662 miles.

Hope my new camera arrives soon. I have been using two cameras lately. NIKON for movies. But I use an old Canon for most photos. It is easier to carry, and has no lens cover that has to be removed. Need it for the new trip. No need for two cameras. That old Canon has a problem with the videos. I like the Nikon, except for the portability.

The book plods forward. Have given up on Amazon for now. I called my original publisher and they will be HAPPY to take a resubmission, but it will cost me. I will pay.

ALL OF YOU BETTER BUY ONE, and spread the word if you like.

Still do know not where, but someone in remote Alaska (OK, that eliminates metro Anchorage and Fairbanks) survived a few days on frozen beer.

Turns out they survived the previous days on thawed beer.



By: joealaska, 7:12 AM GMT on December 07, 2011

We were supposed to have 70 mph winds and heavy rain last 2 days. We got the rain, but only 50 mph winds. My gauge says .68 inches of rain today. Hell, I got that sitting in my mud room / arctic room. Just 2 days ago I dragged the shag (carpet) out of that room and hung it over my patio rail to dry it out. Now it is wetter than ever.

Today we got to a balmy 47 degrees! Needless to say, no snow except at elevation.

Still slow, but we have a nice fat order with the Coast Guard right now. They thought they were heading south to the real world, but got a late change. Heading back to Barrow for a couple weeks.
So they doubled their order at the last minute. I went back last night to get it going. There are deadlines for product to be on the boat leaving Seattle this Friday. We pushed it.

LOCAL NEWS. Some of you may remember a helicopter wreck last year. A Coast Guard craft flying from Sitka to Washington State. A couple fatalities. Well, the pilot is walking again, and he is facing charges for causing that crash. It is a wonderful, TOUGH, life.

A week from right now (NOW) I will be hitting the sack after a marathon trip to Tampa Bay. I land at 2:30 in the afternoon. Normally I would head straight for a golf course, but there just is not enough time. I have to still pick up that rental car, then get to a destination. Two hours earlier would have made a difference. So I will head to see my friend BO in Indian Rocks Beach. We have a couple hours to hit the driving range and putting green. Then dinner on me (not literally) at BO’s choice of fare. He is riding that Asian Indian / Thai craze, so we will see.

BO is an interesting guy. Should be fun. He had a semi-event TODAY golfing where someone hit into him, almost hitting him. YEARS ago, in Scottsdale Arizona, we were playing at McCormick Ranch. We got stuck behind an Asian group who were playing VERY slow, holding us up. While we were all complaining amongst ourselves (our group of buddies), BO takes matters in his own hands. He cups his hands at his mouth and screams PLAYING THROUGH!! The Asians were not sure what was going on, and turned around to look at us. PLAYING THROUGH!! BO puts a tee in the ground and tees up a ball. PLAYING THROUGH!! Then he calmly bombs a drive past them as they watch, stunned. This is not typical I admit. But THEY did not know that. Welcome to America.

Well, we were all stunned too. But we all quickly teed and drove into the same group. They did not know what to do, so they spectated. After we all hit, we drove up in our carts. As we passed by their stunned expressions, we waved and thanked them. They never made a peep. And we got past them thanks to BO.

BO has a real long name that can be easily mis-spelled. Hence the BO. When I phone him it is BO? Joe.

I have a lot of other stories about him, but there are too many court injunctions and gag orders to remember. What can I discuss and what must I gag? It is tough to remember.

With all the rain I am swinging a golf club inside. There is barely enough room to do that. Mostly. Sure, I have put some extra texturing into the ceiling. I hate to go out completely out of shape.

CYBERSUZE, the BCS sucks. And BOISE VS Aridzona State is a slap in your face. Give the 13.5 and bet the house. As long as they play the bottom feeders like New Mexico, it will continue. Sorry Casa. And Boise is working on it. 30 degrees? Hell, I plan on golfing in that in Louisville! See you soon.

TUGBOATGUY. Long time! I will take that ride anytime, preferably in the off season. I am off Tuesdays (usually) when that big APL boat comes in. Have you googled OCEAN HARVESTER ON THE ROCKS? I got some good footage from my place on Haystack during that gale. But it was frustrating. I had the perfect view, but had to stick my camera out a slightly open window. It offered a little protection from the 80 mph winds. Then, as SARATOGA approached to pull the boat away, my batteries ran out. TWICE. Just as Saratoga was throwing a rope on Ocean Harvester. Maybe the single most dramatic video situation in my LIFE. As the boats closed in together, NOTHING. As the boat did the critical rope tie up. I replaced batteries, then a second failure. Has NEVER happened before. Still, I like what I got.

Tiger won a tournament. Must be out catting around again.

I like my coffee with a chunk of butter.

Good to hear from Dave.

How about BO?



By: joealaska, 7:31 AM GMT on December 03, 2011

So we got NO BOAT today. Happens a few times a year during the off season. It happens again in a couple weeks. We had some produce arrive frozen last week, so we are pretty bare right now. Not a lot of boats, and nothing to unload. Very different from a few weeks ago.

Right now 40 mph winds and hard rain. Oh yeah, it is 45 degrees at 9 PM. DUTCH IN WINTER!

Dutchie, Queen of the Tundra and Points Within Sight, is a vocal cat. VOCAL. It is pounding rain on the window, yet she stares at it anticipating egress. And she SCREAMS. It gets old. So I usually let her go out, encouraging her. Just to show her why she ought not. And she always turns right around and comes back. Not tonight. She ducked under the porch and disappeared. Bad part is the wind is hitting that window head on. Bad news for ME. I open it up and yell for her, whistle too. Even yell KITTY FOOD. That is usually the deal maker.


She is probably under that porch with a cheshire smile...

As I write she returned. First time I saw her miss a jump. I saw a cat (hard to identify) attempt a chow porch jump and miss. She obviously did not account for the wind. A second later she re-appeared OK. GOOD.

I had 10 periods of full wet face after opening that window.

The Christmas lights ( for the UK participants, FAIRY LIGHTS) are now up. My new neighbors have a nice tree in their window. From the road, as you look up, OH THE PAGEANTRY. OH HOLY NIGHT.

I have already arranged a rental car for my SE AMERICA CRUISE. I do that early. Six weeks ago. But I did it again yesterday just for a joke. I got a better deal. My situation is pricey. I pick up at Tampa Bay and return in Louisville. They really burn you for that one way. ONE WAY KA CHING. So I booked it early. When I booked again, it was 200 bucks cheaper. Funny thing is it is the same rental company. I used a general broker to find my best deal. And they did. I did the same thing, and it was better.


I pondered the situation when I showed up for the vehicle. Give my name, WHICH reservation shows up? So I will cancel the high one...

Got another notice for jury duty today. I expect to be excused, but would do it if needed.

One of my long time regular readers sent me a request. Evidently there is a kids cartoon character called Flat Stanley. I will take your word at that. They sent Stanley here and wanted photos and a response. I did that, as well as send a movie. Hope they enjoy. This is the closest I will ever be to a Dad.

I know all of you are sports nuts so...

College basketball...Hey UK. Glad you took an interest in this stuff last year. Wish everyone was like you. NCAA basketball is a great national sport that pits teams from the US against teams from the US. Competition made the US great. Now we are not so great. HMMMM...

I know, EVERYONE LIKES FOOTBALL. Regulars know what I mean. But lets talk college basketball. As always, IT IS A GREAT TIME to be from KENTUCKY. Kentucky is #1 and Louisville is #6. Out of a BUNCH of teams. Tonight LOUISVILLE won a great game in overtime, still undefeated. KENTUCKY won a big game last night against St Johns. Tomorrow, they play North Carolina. The two biggest teams in college basketball history. The 3rd biggest team is Kansas. Kentucky already handled them this year. When the dust settles, it will be a lot clearer.

SORRY. I know sports is not what all of you want to talk about. I sincerely hope this is your biggest problem of today.


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