Return of the... murse?

By: jeffs713 , 2:56 AM GMT on April 13, 2014

Hello all!

So after a bit of a hiatus (also known as "nursing school" and "working as an RN"), I'm back to posting here on WU (at least part-time).

Going forward, I'm likely going to keep my posts related to some random combination of health topics, gardening, and severe events of concern in the Houston-Tomball area.

With all that said, and without further adieu...

Here are some pictures of the yard slav... I mean yard work that I've been doing the last few weeks.

I will be putting a post together over the next few weeks, regarding health threats during the summer months. And... closer to hurricane season, I plan on doing a post over health threats during/after a hurricane - and what you can do about them.


Front "garden" area (jeffs713)
Near the front door
Back "peanut" area (jeffs713)
Trees are from last year, all other plants are new.
Back "shade" area (jeffs713)
The Lilies of the Nile didn't handle the winter well, everything else is new.
Garden (jeffs713)
12'x8' - 12 tomato, 4 jalopeno, 4 sweet banana, and entirely too many onions.

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