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Tallahassee, FL forecast discussion 3-30-13

By: jaws2003, 3:48 PM GMT on March 30, 2013

Tallahassee Forecast Discussion 3-30-13

Short Term(today-Monday morning)
Currently at the surface there is a ridge that
is moving out of the area and a low pressure system will be taking its place soon. Before the front comes in expect highs for today to be around 75F. For tonight expect lows to be around 58F and dewpoint temperature to be a couple degrees lower than the air temperature. With dewpoint and air temperatures really close and the relative humidity near 100% it is expected for some saturation and fog and dew to be in the area. For Sunday highs will be around 73F and lows will be around 65F with dewpoint temperatures being nearly identical. This also means for Sunday night/Monday morning that some saturation will occur and another night for fog or dew.

Long Term(monday afternoon-Friday)
The extended period begins with the incoming front starting Monday. Currently the NAM and GFS models are not in agreement with each other. Currently the GFS model has the incoming front arriving on Sunday at 18Z and the NAM has it arriving on Monday at 15Z. So these two models bring a high degree of uncertainty for the extended period which can affect temperature predictions for the coming days. It is certain though that the extended period will be an active week for weather. A new update will be posted when the models are more into agreement.


Tallahassee, FL forecast discussion 3-23-13

By: jaws2003, 4:59 PM GMT on March 23, 2013

Tallahassee, FL forecast discussion 3-23-13

Short term(today-Monday morning)

Currently there small system moving through the area this has bought some heavy rain earlier. Currently the bulk of this system is moving over Jefferson to Columbia counties with some showers lingering into Leon county. Some hail and mesocyclones have been detected in some areas by the nexrad radar. Today expect temperatures to reach into the upper 60s to low 70s. For tonight expect low temperatures to stay around the same as today with the cloud cover preventing any radiational cooling. Expect some showers during the night time as well. Sunday will be a repeat of Saturday with rain from the incoming cold front to our west. Most of the precipitation will clear out of the Tallahassee area around Sunday evening. High will be around 73F and lows for Sunday night/Monday morning will be around 52F.

Long Term(Monday evening-Friday)
After the passing of the cold front on Sunday the extended period begins with a ridge dominating the area for the majority of the week. The NAM and GFS models are in agreement with each other with the ridge in the area for the majority of the week. Temperatures during this period will be in the 60s on most days with some cooler nights into the 30s.


Tallahassee, FL forecast discussion 3-16-13

By: jaws2003, 7:13 PM GMT on March 16, 2013

Tallahassee Forecast Discussion 3-16-2013

Short Term(today-sunday)

Currently there is a surface ridge that is dominating the area and it will bring pleasant weather for today with mostly clear skies. Today's highs will be around 78F. Tonight with clear skies and cooling lows will dip into the lower 50s. With dewpoint temperatures around the 50s as well there will be some fog and dew in the early morning hours. Sunday's maximum temperatures will be slightly cooler than Saturday which will be around 72. There will be some heavier cloud cover that will prohibit the temperatures from being any higher. Sunday night will bring some cooler temperatures as well along with the temperature and dewpoint being near saturation. Lows will be near 62F for Sunday night with the possibility of rain.

Long term(Monday-Friday)
The long term period begins with a system forming in the Gulf of Mexico and coming to the Tallahassee area on Sunday evening. Currently the NAM and GFS are mostly in agreement but the GFS is slightly aggressive having the system in our area at 0Z while the NAM has the system offshore in the gulf during this time and arriving slightly after the GFS model. As of this moment I will stick with the GFS having the system from the gulf to arrive in our area at 0Z. On Monday the front that has delivered precipitation to the Ohio valley region will finally push down to our area bringing more rain. Again the GFS has this frontal system arriving at an earlier time than the NAM with the frontal system clearing the area around Tuesday night. For the rest of the period there will be a brief break with precipitation and during that time maximum temperatures will average around the same(upper 60s-low 70s). Friday another frontal system will come to the area to bring more precipitation.


Tallahassee Forecast Discussion 3-12-13

By: jaws2003, 10:02 PM GMT on March 12, 2013

Tallahassee Forecast Discussion 3-12-13

Short Term(tonight-Thursday).....

Currently there is a low pressure system in the area that will bring cooler temperatures in the coming days. Tonight the low will be around 40F and for Wednesday the high will be around 70F. For Wednesday night the low will be around 38F. Thursday will bring a high around 65F. During this short term period there will be mostly clear skies and cooler temperatures behind the cold front. No precipitation is expected during this short term period. Winds will be slightly higher for Wednesday peaking around 13kts and for Thursday they will not be as strong peaking around 10kts.


Tallahassee, Fl forecast discussion 3-2-13

By: jaws2003, 5:23 PM GMT on March 02, 2013

Short Term(Today-monday)

Today the short term period begins with a weak system in the area bringing colder temperatures. No rain is to be expected during this short term period. Today's highs are predicted to be around 53F and lows are predicted to be around 35F. For Sunday highs are predicted to be around 56F and the low will be around 33F. Monday will have a high around 60F.

Long Term(Tuesday-Friday)

At this moment in the long term forecast the models are mostly in agreement. The GFS model is slightly more aggressive than the NAM model for precipitation during this period. On Tuesday evening there is a low pressure system predicted to come into the area. This system should leave the area by Wednesday morning. For the rest of the long term period clear weather and cooler temperatures will dominate the area. Temperatures will range around the upper 50s to mid 60s.


The views of the author are his/her own and do not necessarily represent the position of The Weather Company or its parent, IBM.

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