Empirical evidence = changing Attitudes

Eemian Past a good analog for future climate.

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Fossil DNA Proves Greenland Once Had Lush Forests; Ice Sheet Is Surprisingly Stable

July 5, 2007
University of Copenhagen
Ancient Greenland was green. New Danish research has shown that it was covered in conifer forest and had a relatively mild climate. The research is painting a picture which is overturning all previous assumptions about biological life and the climate in Greenland. The findings also show evidence of ice in Greenland during the Eemian interglacial period 125,000 years ago, which indicates that although we are now confronted with global warming, the whole ice sheet will probably not melt and bring about the tremendous sea-level rises which have been the subject of so much discussion.

http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/07/0707 05153019.htm



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Empirical evidence = changing Attitudes

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