92L = TD 1? ; My outlook for the hurricane season

By: hurricanemaniac123, 8:56 PM GMT on June 13, 2010

As most know, 92L is continuing to impress many. As being one of the earliest storms in its area (east Atlantic), it most likely will be TD 1 within the next 24 hours. It has little shear or dry air to worry about for a few days, and is continuing to become stronger and more organized. 92L meet almost all of the criteria of being a Tropical depression. It also has a good chance of becoming tropical storm Alex. I currently give 92L a 40% chance of being a TD by 11pm,...

Tropical Storm Grace nears Ireland; 91L organizing

By: hurricanemaniac123, 1:13 AM GMT on October 06, 2009

We now have Tropical Storm Grace which formed on October 1st but was not designated until yesterday night. TS Grace is expected to become absorbed by a frontal system tommorow and hit Ireland.Next we have is 91L which currently has a medium (30-50%) chance of becoming a TD by Wednesday. I give it a 60-80% chance of becoming a TD by Thursday. It has some good convection and is trying to develop a surface circulation. I think this most likely could become TD 10 before...

Hurricane Bill Becomes Extratropical; 92L forms and Could Become Danny

By: hurricanemaniac123, 2:01 PM GMT on August 24, 2009

As of the 5am advisory, Hurricane Bill became extratropical, and unfourtanetly took two people's lives during the weekend. Bill made landfall late last night at Newfoundland.As of this morning, we now have a new invest called "92L". It currently has a low chance (>30%) of becoming a TD by Wednesday, but it could change at any time.

Hurricane Bill Still Very Strong; African Wave Should Be Watched

By: hurricanemaniac123, 4:20 PM GMT on August 20, 2009

Category 3 Hurricane Bill is very strong and is headed for Bermuda and the North East Coast and Nova Scotia. Everyone should watch this system carefully as it could become a Category 4 again.The New African Wave near Cape Verde should be watched because it has a surface low and some good vorcity. However, it doesn't have much convection associated with it but it could become a TD at anytime.

Tropical Depression Two weakening; 90L forms; Could we have Ana by Saturday?

By: hurricanemaniac123, 12:53 PM GMT on May 16, 2009

TD 2 was going to become the first TS of the season, but it has encountered shear and dry air which could stop development. However, there is a chance it could regenerate once it gets away from the shear and dry air and still become a TS.We now have 90L from a huge wave off the coast of Africa. It has the chance of becoming TD 3 over the next few days and also could become TS Ana.My prediction:Named Storms: 12-15Hurricanes: 6-7Major Hurricanes: 2-4Cat. 5 Hurricanes:...

Updated: 1:44 PM GMT on August 13, 2009

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