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By: hurricanecrab, 2:59 AM GMT on May 14, 2012

Yep, it's been a while since I've fired up a blog. You never know what will spark de ol' synapses -- a smell, a memory, maybe just the crush and spray of the sea on your face on an overcast and otherwise ordinary day. Before you wonder if perhaps I've finally taken a seven pound coconut impact to the head, I'll tell you that I'm really no more daft than ever.

Missed you my friends! There. That's a truth.

Lotta strife out there in the big ol' world, ain't there? People swinging their angst like a daggar whistling through the air; people afraid, and these days the enemy is a gossamer haint that might just be echoes still bouncing the walls of the canyons of somebody's youth. Remember Pogo? Yeah, you're old. I remember Pogo too. Pogo wasn't afraid to live.

[Insert diety of choice] forbid we just get on with our own lives -- grow a little, laugh a lot, learn, teach, love and whisper kind things to each other when the wind is still and the Earth is quiet.

Seems sometimes like everybody out to get us, we the ordinary people: big pharma, governments, Monsanto with his frankenfoods, crap in our water, fluoride and fake sugar killin' us, everybody's finger on the button, waiting for the politically justifiable provocation to send the big birds flying ........... and yet..........

There's a shine to the madness, and a peacefulness if you listen, like a cool breeze that passes over your sweaty brow after a hard day of working the land. It's the climate of human evolution, and like most weather it seems cyclical.

I'm not going to listen to the bray of TV pundits and the excited fear they infect us with. Nope. Not going to look sideways at the human tragedies that flash and engage us in their vicarious misery. These fearmongers need our participation, but we don't need theirs. WHAT WE ....

ALLLL NEEEED is the humble joy of helping someone who wasn't crying on CNN for it, but needed the help just the same, and we do it because it's the best of what we are, and what we might become.

These little drops of kindness radiate outward, far from our awareness of influence into a probability wave that sometimes......... sometimes is just enough to whet the stone of need....... and passion.

It's a wild ride, as we flit in and out of our quantum awareness of the collective and almost unconnected fabric of society. When did we get so far apart? When did people begin to feel so lonely and helpless to craft our world into something better?

Hurry up and WAIT? Nope. Laugh often, even/especially when there is little to laugh about. And........... while you're resting....... grow something and inflict a smile on someone who thinks they don't need it. Kick off your shoes. Get dirty.

See you in the woods, where the night eyes are bright and the soft sponginess of leaves make your steps quiet ... and we will watch the heavens dance.

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