Another alarming record about climate change

By: hcubed , 2:03 PM GMT on April 18, 2012

It seems that people (referred to as "counters") are always trying to find data that confirms their belief in climate change.

Any data that shows an extreme event, or that something is "not normal", fuels their anxiety.

So let's add more fuel.

One of the items on "the list" (those things that confirm CAGW) is the rapid rise of global temperatures.

So when you look at their premier temp record, GISStemp, you SHOULD see a constant rise in the anomaly - well, actually there should be a little variation, but still, the temps should be shooting up dramatically.

Looking at GISStemp records (GLOBAL Land-Ocean Temperature Index, base period: 1951-1980), we see that the month of March makes the 62nd straight month that the GLOBAL anomaly has failed to set a new record (in Jan 2007, .88C was recorded). This "record" is a tie with March of 2002.

So when the "record" of .88C was first set, it took 58 months just to TIE that record.

Not that it hasn't tried. In March of 2010, it came within .03C of tying the record. And even the unprecedented "Summer in March" left the GLOBAL anomaly at a staggering .42C BELOW the record.

As a review - the believers think that any extreme variation from "normal" is absolute proof that Climate Change is real.

So if a drastic rise would be considered "normal", and the anomaly HASN'T had a drastic rise since Jan 2007, that too could be seen as a confirmation that Climate Change is real, and that it's only gonna get worse - much worse.

Note - the above is taken from the LOTI (Land-Ocean Temperature Index) - which, according to GISS, provides a more realistic representation of the global mean trends.

If you use the DTs charts and data, it's also the 62nd straight month since the last GLOBAL record was set (January of 2007).

Maybe the "Summer in March" shows up better in the NH LOTI records.

Nope. Also shows 62 months since the record was set (again, Jan of 2007). Only this time, the "Summer in March" came in at a staggering .64C below the record.

It appears this "Summer in March" wasn't as bad as the heatwave in January, 2007.

Gotta look into how that was reported.

Just keeping the following here as a bookmark:

One example would be the floods in Queensland Australia that occurred in 2010/2011. They had floods that were just as severe in 1893, and those were at a time when the CO2 was about 100ppm less than today (1893, 294.7 – today 394.45).

So how can activists insist that we return the world to the arbitrary value of 350ppm, when weather was just as extreme with lower levels?

Use their own data. A.ext.txt

Pick an event, show the CO2 level for that year, and ask them how something that extreme happened with such low levels of CO2. co-founder Bill McKibben

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