Fourth warmest January on record for the U.S., Antarctica still frozen.

By: hcubed , 12:02 AM GMT on February 09, 2012

According to Dr Master's latest (and continuing the long tradition of looking for the warmest ever), we hear that the US had it's 4th warmest January in 2012.

They say that the warmest January occurred in 2006.

That means this makes the 6th year in a row that January failed to take over the number one slot (despite all the cry over CAGW).

It looks like the "loaded dice" failed to make the point again.

Meanwhile, despite the latest decade being the warmest we've seen in the past million years, Antarctica is still frozen, and has been for a few million years:

Russia says drillers reach long-buried Antarctic lake
By the CNN Wire Staff

updated 5:57 PM EST, Wed February 8, 2012

(CNN) -- Russian scientists have successfully drilled through two miles of Antarctic ice to a freshwater lake buried for millions of years, polar researchers announced Wednesday.

Lake Vostok, a body of fresh water about the size of Lake Ontario, is believed to have been covered by Antarctica's ice sheet for up to 30 million years. Russian researchers completed the years-long drilling effort Sunday, reaching the lake at a depth of 3,769 meters (2.3 miles) in the ice sheet, the St. Petersburg-based Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute reported.

When the ice above the lake was breached, lake water was sucked up into the bore and froze, the Russians said. That will allow researchers to take samples back to the surface without contaminating the lake below, they said.

Columbia University geophysicist Robin Bell said the Antarctic ice sheet has trapped the heat of the Earth like a blanket over the lake, keeping it liquid for an estimated 15 million to 30 million years. She said the Russians have been trying to reach Lake Vostok for a decade.

Some "consider it the equivalent of getting to the moon," Bell told CNN..."

Wow. A 15 to 30 million year old ice sheet. It's been that long since parts of Antarctica has been ice-free.

And still, it's the fourth warmest January...

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