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By: hcubed , 5:01 PM GMT on January 23, 2012

First, I know this is from 2009, and it's now 2012. But Peru will soon be going into their winter season, and, since we're going through a period of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming, I wonder if they'll suffer through another brutal winter...

Children die in harsh Peru winter
July 12, 2009
By Dan Collyns, BBC News, Lima

"...Almost 250 children under the age of five have died in a wave of intensely cold weather in Peru.

Children die from pneumonia and other respiratory infections every year during the winter months particularly in Peru’s southern Andes. But this year freezing temperatures arrived almost three months earlier than usual..."

So, if that's a worry, then we'll be on the watch for mid-March this year.

"...Experts blame climate change for the early arrival of intense cold which began in March. Winter in the region does not usually begin until June.

The extreme cold, which has brought snow, hail, freezing temperatures and strong winds, has killed more children than recorded annually for the past four years. A total of 246 under the age of five have died so far, only half way through the winter months..."

Does bring up one thing, though - what kind of heating system would have saved these children? If their current heating systems weren't effective in March, how much more effective would they have been in June?

And how can Global Warming (excuse me, I meant Climate Change) be blamed for inefficient heating devices?

Unless the're being brainwashed into turning off their fossil-fueled heating devices to "save the planet".

So, some research is needed.

First, it seems that 2009 wasn't the only reported problem:

"...(Oct 19 2007) Winter in Peru this year has seen temperatures fall to their lowest levels for the last 30 years. The departments hardest hit are at altitudes of over 2500 metres, in the central and southern Andean region, with more than 700 000 people affected. There was a shift in the focus of aid following the August earthquake, leaving the victims of the cold helpless. The Commission is therefore providing assistance to 60 000 of those hardest hit in the four departments facing serious food shortages: Apurimac, Ayacucho, Huancavelica and Puno. The EUR 1.5 million will be used to supply emergency food aid and aid to restore people's livelihoods, to distribute kitchen utensils and kits, and to engage in disaster-preparedness activities..."

"...June 19, 2008 by Andean Air Mail & PERUVIAN TIMES

Peru President Alan Garcia enacted a legislative decree to declare a 60-day state of emergency in 11 of Peru’s 24 departments Thursday as temperatures in the Andes region continue to drop dramatically and claim the lives of residents.

As Peru remains in the grip of intense cold — meteorologists have registered temperatures dipping to -22°C, or 7.60 F — the cold weather death toll continues to rise. Sixty-one children have died since April 13.


"...In July 2010, the Peruvian government declared a state of emergency in 16 of Peru's 24 regions due to cold weather. The majority of the areas affected are in the south, where temperatures have dropped to as low as -24C. Lima recorded its lowest temperatures in 38 years at 9C, and emergency measures have been applied to several of its outlying districts. In the Amazon region temperatures dropped to as low as 9C, the fifth recorded cold spell this year. In the south, hundreds of people - nearly half of them very young children - are reported as having died of cold-related diseases such as pneumonia, and poor rural populations living at more than 3,000m above sea level being the most affected..."

And again:

July 22, 2011 by Andean Air Mail & PERUVIAN TIMES

"...The regional health office in Southern Peru’s Puno region has reported that 27 children under the age of five have died in recent weeks in the department from respiratory infections due to a sharp drop in temperature.

Children in Puno are one of the most vulnerable groups to the cold that hits the region during Peru’s winter. Numerous children regularly die every year as residents lack proper shelter to be protected from the cold, and children are more susceptible to bronchopulmonary diseases because their systems are weakened by cooking smoke within their homes..."

So then to recap - Cold weather (blamed on Climate Change in 2009) killed children in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011.

And it appears Climate Change effects these people's ability to have proper SHELTER from the extreme cold (like the extreme cold they've seen for the past 5 years.)

And, according to some, it's only gonna get worse - much worse...

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