Milestone reached.

By: hcubed , 1:07 AM GMT on January 08, 2012

For those who read here that AREN'T threatened to check out other sites, a milestone has been reached: (WUWT), has announced their 100,000,000th view today.

For a site that is so universally hated here, one that has tons of scorn heaped on it (even to the point that A. Watts is accused of any number of unproven "crimes"), to reach 100,000,000 views in about four years (moved to in October 2007), is a dream of any site owner.

And to think, the reason such a site started was because of scientists refusing to let people take a look at the data used to prove their Catastrophic Man-Made Global Warming Theory.

And, because of the "threat" posed by WUWT, other sites started to pop up, both rabidly pro-AGW, and those that tried to show the truth.

So tear it down if you feel you need to, but when a "denialist" site gets 6 times the hits that the "alarmist" PR site of RealClimate does, you've got to pay attention.

And, BTW, some sites won't show how many hits they get (WU included). So congratulations to Anthony and company. And some thanks goes to the posters here. Without your continuous trashing of sites like WUWT, people wouldn't have gone there to see what's so threatening about that site.

And 100,000,000 views is the proof. Seems like this statistic, in a way, was also driven by CO2...

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