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Gear up, it's hurricane season (almost) **NEW DATA ADDED**

By: hcubed, 4:39 PM GMT on April 20, 2011


Apparently, the NHC is getting ready to label the "storm", they are listing data for a AL91:

AL 91 2011041918 BEST 0 214N 576W 25 1012 LO
AL 91 2011042000 BEST 0 221N 581W 30 1011 LO
AL 91 2011042006 BEST 0 226N 589W 30 1011 LO
AL 91 2011042012 BEST 0 228N 598W 35 1011 LO
AL 91 2011042018 BEST 0 232N 608W 35 1010 LO

We now return you to the previous post, already in progress...

Since it's 42 days or so to the "official" start of the hurricane season, and because CGMMWD (catastrophic global man-made weather disruption) is best left behind during the season, I'll postpone the discussion for now.

So far, this year, we've seen our first invest, and there's a possibility that a STS (sub-stopical storm) may develop. We need to get ready.

So, it's time to start the new.

Several sites are out with their projections, stating a "slightly" more active season.

As far as my records go, haven't had to evacuate since Gustav back in Sept '08.

ANY evac will be a "more active" season.

Differences for this year:

1. New vehicle. Haven't taken any long trips yet, but old minivan got around 25MPG on the highway. New one with 6-speed transmission should get better mileage.

2. GPS. Already have the route down pretty well, but now I can set up "waypoints" (gas stations and rest stops) and see how far to the next. Allows me a "heads-up" to where I'm at.

3. New van has Sirius radio. Now, instead of having to search around as the signal fades, can keep better stations all the way. The only thing that upsets me was the loss of their 24/7 weather channel. I was planning to use it to keep in touch with the latest updates. Now have to go to other means.

4. Laptop computers. These, along with the WiFi, are going to allow me to stop once in awhile and check the WunderMap and see if there are watches, warnings, or forecast bad weather. Most McDonalds are now offering free WiFi. Some are at Walmarts, which add to the shopping experience.

5. Built-in DVD in the van. Old van was outfitted with a portable DVD player, with wired headsets. Now, we have DVD built in, with wireless headsets. Better to keep SWMBO happy.

6. Van has a built-in power inverter (good to about 150W), which can power small items, and recharge computer batteries if needed.

Are there any concerns?


Just got through putting up a new shed in the backyard. Even though they installed hurricane straps, would hate to come back to an empty slab.

Along with the shed, there is soon-to-be solar panels for the shed's power needs. But these will have to be taken down and stored before evac.

Still debating as to whether or not to take the shed's battery along (will be charged, in a portable box, and same size as van's battery). Will be a sealed Optima battery, so venting shouldn't be a problem in the van (and makes good emergency battery for van).

And there's the toolbox/spare ice chest. Need to decide what to take (might wind up being the only tools we have left).

Looks like I've got a lot to look over.

Just in case...


Updated: 7:07 PM GMT on April 20, 2011


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