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Season may start to ramp up soon...so they say...

By: hcubed, 7:29 PM GMT on July 25, 2010

Well, the peak of the historical season is approaching.

All the pointers are leading to an "above average" season.

Three "storms" so far, and all three impacted to the west of me. Usually, I've seen that Jun/Jul hit Texas/Mexico; Aug/Sept hit central Gulf; and Oct/Nov gets the East coast/Fla.

There have been the exceptions, of course.

But still, every time I've evacuated, I've been able to get back before the next hit.

How long can that last?


97L becomes TD3 becomes TD Bonnie...

By: hcubed, 2:13 PM GMT on July 22, 2010

Here is the text of the Special Tropical Weather Outlook from NHC at 8:25am EDT today:

Visible satellite images and observations from the Bahamas indicate that the area of low pressure in the southeastern Bahamas has become better organized and a closed circulation has formed. Advisories on a tropical depression or a tropical storm will be initiated at 11 am EDT...1500 UTC today. This advisory will likely include tropical storm watches and warnings for portions of the Bahamas and southern Florida.


And it continues...

By: hcubed, 12:31 PM GMT on July 15, 2010

It's now the second half of June, and so far it's been quiet.

Too quiet...

Anyhow, having a slow start to the season is both good and bad.

Good, because it gives you a chance to fine-tune your plans, re-arrange your supplies, and update your maps.

Bad, because like any other seaon it's not IF one strikes, but WHEN. The peak of our season is Aug-Sept, and we WILL have to evacuate this summer.

Are YOU ready?


One month down. Season starting slow, should pick up.

By: hcubed, 4:58 AM GMT on July 02, 2010

Well, what a lovely start to the season. A Cat 2 hurricane that took up most of the Gulf with it's spread, that SHOULD have been stronger (based on it's pressure), and is still dumping lots of rain as it breaks up.

Considering this is my "silver anniversary" of hurricane seasons (was here for Elena in 1985), I should have this prep/evac/cleanup stuff nailed down by now.

But each trip out of town is a trial, as things that we thought would work don't; things we should have brought, we didn't; and some stuff we really should have left behind came with us.

And I suppose that's the one thing we're beginning to realize: you have to be prepared.

Prepared to leave as quickly as possible.

Prepared to stay away for an extended (and unknown) period of time.

And prepared to accept the fact that the things you take with you may just wind up being the only things you have left of whatever you own.

Pack wisely...

Updated: 12:53 PM GMT on July 02, 2010


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