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Great cool season so far but!!

By: georgevandenberghe, 1:42 AM GMT on November 10, 2013

Frost 10/25-10/28. I covered the peas and tossed
a blanket on the 4 day shy sweetcorn as well. They survived although the sweetcorn was burned back hard, there was enough carb left in the stalks to finish off the ears and ten days later, before harder freeze threat 11/4, they were picked and were good. Lima beans are 3/4 cropped and we've used them for dinner a number of nights the past three weeks. We're also eating peas and lettuce. along with the very last ripened from green picked, tomatoes. The broccoli heads are saucer sized but florets are very tight and I'm holding out for dinner plate sized heads that I can freeze to last the entire winter. June harvested broccoli here is okay but not worth freezing.

I have a lot of really good lettuce the best of the year. A temperate fall provides a great season for cool weather stuff as long as it holds.

As long as it holds!!

It now appears the DC area will get a seasonably early arctic outbreak. This will finish the peas off and it's placing that great lettuce I expect to grace the Thanksgiving table, in some danger. -5C will kill it and -3C sustained with wind will damage it enough I'll have to do explaining rather than the customary bragging. The -3C with breeze looks possible wednesday and thursday nights 11/13 and 11/14. It is probably above the danger threshold for hardened broccoli and the brussels sprouts should survive even January's typical cold. I'm not going to give up without a fight though. Lettuce close to the ground is easy to protect with covers and blankets.

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