Hurricane bill, ramains of ana

By: fmhurricane2009, 1:14 PM GMT on August 18, 2009

Ana was downgreaded to a remnant low yesterday as it moved over the rugged terrain of Puerto Rico and Hispanola. It has moved N of hispanola and cuba and is over the warm water of the SW Atl. and FL. straits. This is the window of extremely low possibility that Ana could use to regenerate. keep in mind that this has been a fighter and I would come up with a <20% chance of regeneration the NHC agrees with me with a <30% chance of regeneration. regardless S FL and the...

td Ana, ts Bill, last advisory on claudette, African Wave

By: fmhurricane2009, 2:25 PM GMT on August 17, 2009

TD Ana is fighting for it's life in the NE carribean.The center of circulation has built up a pretty significant burst of thuderstorms throughout, however, the storm will be passing on top of or just south of PR. IF the storm can go over or just N of NW Puerto Rico. then it would miss Hispanola and probably have enough favorable conditions to restrengthen to TS ANA AGAIN! I give the chance of this happening a medium 30-50 percent. If this happened, I would put the c...

Ana has little change in strength, Bill and td-4 strengthens, African Wave

By: fmhurricane2009, 12:51 PM GMT on August 16, 2009

Ana has not strengthened in the past 24 hours and now is expected to go into the Carribean, The satelite presemtation is poor and they may downgrade this system if current trends continue. She has beem a fighter though so she is down and not out.If Ana survives I do think that there is still a window of opportunity to strenthen 10-15 MPH, providing it survives all the hostile conditions now.As of 8:00 AM EDT, TS Ana had winds of 40 MPH with higher gusts, it is racin...

ANA, TD#3, African Wave, Florida Key's storm getting better organized

By: fmhurricane2009, 6:46 PM GMT on August 15, 2009

Ana has become a little better organized than 2-3 hours ago, the center is still exposed, however the center is starting to get underneatht the convection and I do think that this storm does have enough potential to become a 45-50 MPH TS at 11 PM.I am right in the middle of the cone and I would expect this storm to go into the florida key's on Key Largo-Tavenir and make landfall in either Monroe, Collier, or Lee Counties if it does not make landfall in Miami-Dade, B...

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