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Increase in rain overnight

By: esteban9, 8:28 AM GMT on January 27, 2011

Our seemingly unending pattern of chilly, cloudy, windy pattern will change briefly tonight (I call it the "muck"). But this change will only be in the amount of rain that falls (sorry to disappoint you fans of fair and warm weather). Whereas we have been seeing only light, spotty showers for the past several days, moderate and at times heavy rain (or snow at the higher elevations) could develop during the overnight hours. The reason for this is a brief extrusion of the jet stream northward into Iberia, creating a favorable pattern for rising motion in the atmosphere. We have lacked this jet pattern for some time, leading mainly to clouds but little precipitation.

The rain should again taper off to spotty light showers tomorrow (still mostly cloudy), and the atmosphere will likely "throw a bone" to the aforementioned fair weather fans this weekend. That is, look for increasing sun and decreasing winds, especially on Sunday. A break from the muck!


Back from vacation, and a source for tailored weather forecasts

By: esteban9, 11:39 AM GMT on January 07, 2011

Hello all,
I spent the holidays with my mom, who was visiting from North America. So I was not posting during this time. During this time more major flooding occurred across Andalucia, alas. But the winter and spring rainy season isn't over, so let's see what the jet stream brings us.

In the mean time, if you're interested in tailored weather forecasts, I have a new web page here. It will be a great service for construction, golf, travel, transport, recreation, tourism and other industries. I would appreciate you spreading the word!


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Andalucía Weather (El Tiempo)

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