I'm Still Kickin!

By: earnestp, 11:50 PM GMT on October 30, 2013

Boy, howdy! This heres been a year, I garontee! I've been here, there, and a lil bit of evrywhere! Whirlwind City, that's me! I gotta do me a little catchin up with all yall nice folks out there!

Last yall heard from me, I was hidin from the Lee sisters at Auntie Neldas and Unk Wylies! Theyd let me stay there for the rest of my days, but I coudna do it, as Im a man of my own means, know what I mean? So they gave me a little money and a bus ticket and Unks...



By: earnestp, 5:11 PM GMT on October 31, 2012

Man o man! Ill be glad if I see November! Tonights Verns big, annual, only once a year, Halloween Extravaganzo! Mabel said shes pickin me up at eight, and Lord have mercy, I dont wanna go! I told her I couldnt find no costume at Lems this year, but she said thats alright, I could wear the Santy Claus outfit I had last year, and she was gonna sew up a Mrs. Santy Claus outfit! She said that way I can get some good practice bein her husband! That there is scarier than ...

I is back!

By: earnestp, 10:30 AM GMT on October 08, 2012

Hoowee! I is back on the innernet! A nice guvmint lady give me a free computer and free innernet because I is a disadvantaged worker, and I need all the help I kin get so I can make big money! I don't care if Vern says Obamer is a three quartered comunist, if hes givin out a free computer and free innernet, hes alright by me, know what I mean? If yalls wonderin where I was at, I just got out of the hospital! Been in there for five months, I was! Its kinda a long sto...

An Earnestp Christmas

By: earnestp, 9:20 AM GMT on December 22, 2011

************************************************* ************************************************** *******************************YEEEEHAAAAAW!!! If you think ol Earnest is excited about Christmas, you're right as rain, I guarantee it! I cut me a nice tree over in Verns back yard(Don't tell him, its a surprise!), and I got it decorated with lights and gold foil and popcorn strings and icicles and all kinds of glass balls! It's got a custom one of a kind homema...

Updated: 9:26 AM GMT on December 22, 2011

Know what I mean?

By: earnestp, 11:28 PM GMT on October 04, 2011

Boy Howdy! I finally made it on the innernet! My buddy Vern's been a tellin me all about it! Why, he figgered out how to assemble a cold fusion generator just by readin what somebody wrote on there! All he needs now are the parts! Any of yall know how I can get ahold of somebody at Los Alamos? My 4th cousin twice removed Bobby works at Oak Ridge, but I think he's just a janitor!Anyway, I saw this Weather Underground place, and I thought to myself. And then I thought...

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Know what I mean?

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