By: don612, 1:49 AM GMT on December 14, 2012

I have been using Cumulus software to log my weather records and post to various websites and to twitter. In theory, the developer has stopped the development of this software which I think is a mistake. Its GREAT and its obvious he spent a lot of time on it already. I had some problems with it a while back and the developer was very quick to respond and interested in helping me. I am very impressed with the software and the tech support. My station has been up...

Almost a record high

By: don612, 10:56 PM GMT on September 15, 2012

My station, KCALAGUN21, came close to a record high for the year today. The temp was 92.5 at 2:54 PM Pacific time. The current highest temperature is 93.2 on May 14, 2012

Micro Climates

By: don612, 4:05 PM GMT on February 19, 2012

In my area of Laguna Beach, we have what are called "micro climates". This means that weather can vary a lot over very small distances. That's one reason why I wanted my own wether station, its the only way to be accurate. The "official" Laguna Beach weather station is MSDLBT which is located at an elevation of 987 feet. Even though we are very close (within a mile and a half), MSDLBT is regularly 10 degrees degrees different than my PWS. MSDLBT is about a mi...

Updated: 4:14 PM GMT on February 19, 2012

Woods Cove, Laguna Beach

By: don612, 2:32 PM GMT on February 12, 2012

This is my first entry and perhaps a bit of explanation is due. I live in Laguna Beach, California. From the very start of my involvement here, the Wunderground maps were a bit confusing to me. Let me explain. Laguna Beach is a small community, basically divided up into North Laguna and South Laguna with a small area called "Downtown" between the two. My weather station and my home are in South Laguna. The confusing part is that Wunderground Maps labels all of...

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Woods Cove, Laguna Beach

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Updated: 10:48 PM PDT on August 29, 2016

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