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Replacement weather station

By: darethehair, 5:21 PM GMT on October 31, 2012

My Radio Shack WX200 weather station died after many years of faithful service. A strange corrosion had occurred inside the sensor wire junction box. Over the years the sensor wires themselves had been repaired numerous times.

I searched for an inexpensive replacement that had a PC interface, and which was supported with the Linux OS. Eventually, I found this 'Fine Offset WH2081' from a Canadian eBay seller:

Wireless Weather Station USB Professional PC Computer Humidity Pressure Forecast

Got it in about a week. With multiple choices of software available, I picked this one:


Basic operation was fairly easy (including providing data for Wunderground), but figuring out how to supply data to other weather sites was confusing.

Having worked with a wired weather station previously (WX200), I am a bit concerned about battery life on the wireless WH2081 -- even though it is great not to have to fool around with wires! :)

I'll probably have to move the thermometer sensor outside direct sunlight at some point, but I will need to get some extra cabling for that.


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