Modification Mission Statement!!

By: cyclonebuster , 7:35 AM GMT on October 30, 2006

Notice in the mission statement they failed to mention my "TUNNELS"!!

Why? Because they are afraid to say the "Tunnels" work and the "Tunnels" would put the oil companies out of business!! It's all about the "O"

They also know I'll prove them wrong if they say the "Tunnels" don't work!!

Contents: Impacts Aircraft Motion Dynamics Modification? Costs & Benefits

Hurricane Modification?
Can human intervention diminish the force of a hurricane? From the mid-1960s through the early 1980s NOAA actively pursued Project STORMFURY, a program of experimental hurricane modification. The general strategy was to reduce the intensity of the storm by cloud seeding. The seeding, it was argued, would stimulate the formation of a new eyewall that would surround the existing eyewall. The new eyewall would contract, strangling the old eyewall and reducing the intensity of the hurricane. However, research carried out at AOML showed clearly that these "concentric eyewalls" happened often in unmodified hurricanes, thus casting doubt on the seemingly positive results of seeding in earlier experimentation. Hurricane Luis provides an example of this behavior. Moreover, observations showed that hurricanes contain little of the supercooled water necessary for cloud seeding to work.

The American Meteorological Society policy statement on planned and inadvertent weather modification, dated October 2, 1998, indicates, "There is no sound physical hypothesis for the modification of hurricanes, tornadoes, or damaging winds in general, and no related scientific experimentation has been conducted in the past 20 years." In the absence of a sound hypothesis, no Federal agencies are presently doing, or planning, research on hurricane modification.

Some techniques besides seeding clouds that have been considered over the years include: cooling the ocean with cryogenic material or icebergs, retardation of surface evaporation with monomolecular films, changing the radiational balance in the hurricane environment by absorption of sunlight with carbon black, blowing the hurricane apart with hydrogen bombs, injecting air into the center with a huge maneuverable tube to raise the central pressure, and blowing the storm away from land with windmills. As carefully reasoned as some of these suggestions are, they all fall short of the mark because they fail to appreciate the size and power of tropical cyclones. For example, when hurricane Andrew struck South Florida in 1992, the eye and eyewall devastated a swath 20 miles wide. The heat energy released around the eye was 5,000 times the combined heat and electrical power generation of the Turkey Point nuclear power plant over which the eye passed. Better building codes, wiser land use, and more accurate forecasts seem prosaic compared with environmental mega engineering but they are a great deal cheaper and have overwhelmingly favorable cost-benefit ratios.

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5. cyclonebuster
9:49 PM GMT on October 30, 2006
----- Original Message -----
From: "Frank Marks"
To: "Stackgenerator"
Sent: Monday, October 30, 2006 8:49 AM
Subject: Re: TUNNEL IDEA??

>I see no change. I still think any idea to modify the environment needs
> to be tested in models and verified before any proof of concept can be
> built.
> Stackgenerator wrote:
>> Frank,
>> What do you think of the Tunnel idea has the tide changed yet for
>> them?? Globally temps. are still on the rise.
Pat McNulty
Member Since: January 2, 2006 Posts: 137 Comments: 21158
4. cyclonebuster
1:37 PM GMT on October 30, 2006
Introduce compressed air into them and the flow through them will increase as the specific gravity goes down,also!!
They work without the compressed air BTW according to the hurricane research center.I am sure they know more than you HurricaneMyles! So you see HurricaneMyles before you open your mouth do some research as I did!!
Member Since: January 2, 2006 Posts: 137 Comments: 21158
3. HurricaneMyles
1:27 PM GMT on October 30, 2006
I think everyone would love to live free of worry about hurricanes. Unfortunently we dont even understand them enough to predict them correctly, let alone trying to modify them.

BTW, there no mention of the tunnels because all you do is waste your time here talking to people who can do nothing. Not to mention they dont work and please, dont go saying you can prove it, cuz you have tried and failed many times.
Member Since: January 12, 2006 Posts: 5 Comments: 827
2. cyclonebuster
12:41 PM GMT on October 30, 2006
Surly you don't want more frequent and stronger hurricanes due to global warming do you? Now that is idiotic..unscientific!!
Member Since: January 2, 2006 Posts: 137 Comments: 21158
1. Patrap
12:35 PM GMT on October 30, 2006
Your a freaking Moron with this crap..Its idiotic..unscientific..and ..really ..Oil is My States Livelihood..and Im kinda tired of hearing this is the Doc..And many others....Pat.
Member Since: July 3, 2005 Posts: 454 Comments: 144413

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