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UPDATE Maryland coastal low

By: cws6196, 1:39 AM GMT on September 27, 2013

As I suspected, it appears the coastal low will not affect us in Maryland. I believe the low will form, but will be too far out to sea to be an issue for us. It's possible for some rain along the Atlantic coast, but not inland. So, it appears this weekend will be dry, cool, and maybe breezy. I'll still keep an eye on this just in case, but I wouldn't let it concern you.

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Clarification on coastal storm

By: cws6196, 4:14 PM GMT on September 25, 2013

I have been hearing and reading about professional forecasters equating the potential weekend coastal low (storm) to Sandy. I feel this is sensationalism and uncalled for. Sandy was a hurricane which interacted with a northern storm system moving toward the coast as Sandy moved up the coast. This is a different situation. In this scenario, we have a potential (not yet developed) storm developing off the coast, but not even close to the intensity of Sandy. If this storm forms and moves up the coast, it "may" interact with a system to the north which "may" cause the coastal storm to come inland, similar to the path of Sandy, but that potential path is the only similarity to Sandy. Even if this storm develops and follows a similar path to Sandy, the power of this storm is much less than Sandy's.

If this storm develops and if it tracks close enough to the coast to effect MD and the East, we would experience winds in the 20+ mph, rip tides along the ocean, heavy rain.

Currently the model data continues to show differing tracks for this storm. This is normal behavior for model data this far out from an event which has not yet even formed. Daily we will see models either take the storm out to sea or bring it close to the coast. As the weekend nears we will start to see consensus on the formation, timing and path. For now, if you hear people changing their forecast daily, that means they aren't practicing the true science of forecasting, rather, they are only watching computer models, and that's not true forecasting.

I will keep you posted and should know more details later this week. Follow me daily on Twitter (@wxmanmd) for weather tidbits and updates.


Maryland coastal storm?

By: cws6196, 8:24 PM GMT on September 24, 2013

One model output shows a coastal storm this Sunday into Monday. This is not a hurricane, more of a nor'easter. Its too early for any certainty, but I'll be watching this and keeping you posted.

I don't typically talk about potential weather this far out, but I'm certain you'll be hearing it on the news and I would rather you hear it from me first. For now this is not something for which to be alarmed.


Saturday storms Maryland

By: cws6196, 4:00 AM GMT on September 21, 2013

We should be getting some much needed rain today as a cold front moves into the area. As the front approaches from the NW it will trigger rain and storms. I don't see the storms as being severe, but caution is always warranted when there are thunderstorms.

TIMING: The rain should start after noon while later in the afternoon/evening the chance for storms increases.

THREATS: Heavy rain and gusty winds. The more sun we have the greater chance for stronger storms, although I think the cloud cover will remain thick most of the day.

I will have updates as needed. Follow me on Twitter (@wxmanmd) for daily weather updates.


Maryland Storms today

By: cws6196, 4:56 PM GMT on September 12, 2013

Well, it looks like our rain and storm drought may end later this afternoon. Today is the last day for hot and humid conditions as a cold front is approaching from the NW later this afternoon. Once the front moves through the temps will drop about 20 degrees. But, the approach of the cold air interacting with our warm humid air is part of the recipe we need for strong storms.

TIMING: The strongest of the storms are possible after 3:00pm today and into the early evening. The stronger storms should be in central and northern MD, although S MD still has the potential for scattered storm activity.

THREATS: Heavy rainfall, gusty damaging wind and hail are the main threats. There is a low tornado threat, but always be on alert.

As I am writing this the NWS just issued a Thunderstorm warning for central MD. These warnings will become frequent as the afternoon progresses. I will keep you posted best I can. Follow me on Twitter (@wxmanmd) for storm and weather updates.


where are the storms?

By: cws6196, 4:38 PM GMT on September 08, 2013

I know I haven't posted in awhile, but that's only because there hasn't been much to say about the weather in Maryland. Just to remind everyone, I don't post daily forecasts, rather, I post about severe weather, storms, tropical impacts to Maryland and winter weather. None of which has recently occurred. So, why am I writing now? Just to let you all know I'm still here and watching the weather.

The tropics remain quiet, although there are currently 3 areas of interest out there, none of which pose a threat to us. If the model data proves true, by the end of this week there could be a few more areas of interest in the tropics closer to home, but that is only a projection. This week we will see a warming trend in the temps which could mean storms later in the week before our next cool down.

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I will post an update when severe weather returns to Maryland. Enjoy the day!


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