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Winter pattern change for Maryland?

By: cws6196, 3:25 PM GMT on November 30, 2011

I don't want to sound like the boy who cried wolf, but I also want to keep you all informed about weather possibilities. Once again there is a hint, or slight indication, that we could see snow later next week. But, I am skeptical for a number of reasons, the first being it is too long range for me to feel comfortable, and I really don't believe it.

Over the past few days now the model data has been hinting at a possible coastal storm to effect our area. This storm, if it were to ride up the coast, could interact with cooler air coming down from Canada. Hence the snow chance. But, I am not as yet convinced the timing of the storm will correspond to the timing of the cold air arrival, at least not for the duration of the event. I am also not convinced that all the factors needed for a snow storm will be in place. But, as the snow lover that I am, "IF" this were to play out it would be the first significant snow for us this season.

Right now, bottom line for me is we will see rainfall the beginning of next week (possibly significant), with a chance for some scattered snow to fall in the evening as the Low pressure system moves past us bringing down colder air. But, this does warrant watching and so I will keep an eye on it and provide updates as needed to keep you "in the loop".

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Thanksgiving Day

By: cws6196, 2:28 PM GMT on November 24, 2011

Wishing each of you a very happy, blessed and peace-filled Thanksgiving!! There is so much for which to be grateful! I appreciate all of your support and look forward to exciting weather days ahead!!


Thanksgiving in Maryland

By: cws6196, 5:43 AM GMT on November 23, 2011

So, will it snow on Thanksgiving? Not in Maryland. In my last couple posts I have commented that I never believed it would snow here for Thanksgiving, but there were some conditions, that if the timing was right, could bring the white stuff to the ground. Well, not anymore. As I stated a couple days ago, the timing of the cold air and the precip is just not there. For the long range I am watching the beginning of December, but for snow lovers, don't yet get your hopes up as it is a long shot.

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UPDATE re snow in MD Thanksgiving

By: cws6196, 5:52 PM GMT on November 20, 2011

Still a bit early for me to say anything with certainty, but for now, the long and short of it, I do not believe we will see snow in Central MD (definitely not in Southern MD). Any snow chance would be north and west of Baltimore.

Here's the problem; the position of the Low. As the week progresses a Low will move out of OH towards the coast of New England. The exact path of the Low determines who will have snow and who sees rain. Once the Low forms and begins to move I will have a better idea of what is happening, but until then I need to rely on the models, and for now the data is not overly consistent. Why is this Low so important? A Low pressure system spins counter-clockwise, so as it approaches our area the spin will draw in warm southern air, and as it moves to our NE it's backside flow will draw down the cold air from the Great Lakes. Therefore, the exact path of the Low determines the timing of the injection of cold air. There is no doubt of the existence of cold air, and later Wed into Fri we will experience that cold air. My question is the timing of the precip and the cold air. As of now I see the precip leaving the area before the cold air arrives.

I will have another update later in the week. Follow me daily on Twitter (@wxmanmd) and my Weather Phone will be updated as needed (443-470-9804).


Thanksgiving snow in Maryland?

By: cws6196, 4:44 PM GMT on November 18, 2011

Long time no hear from me .... but until now there hasn't been much to say. As you can feel today the climate has definitely changed more toward Winter. There is some indication, and talk by some, of the possibility for snow in MD on Thanksgiving. Those who know me know I am not a fan of long-range forecasting, but I also feel I need to let you know of potential weather. As I do understand the concern some have for snow next week, at this moment I am not yet convinced it will happen. Some of the factors needed for snow are beginning to come together, but will it all mesh by next week is the question. Right now I see this situation playing out in a similar fashion as the Halloween snow, namely, those to the W and N of Baltimore could see snow while the rest don't. I am more confident in saying that PA northward into New England could see snow.

Over the weekend I will do more research of the model trends, etc to determine how I will forecast, but for now just know there is a slight chance for snow later next week, although, due to this being a week away, my confidence at the moment is low.

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