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First Big Storm of the Year

By: curlyfriez, 10:30 PM GMT on January 30, 2013

So I have apparently just sat through the worst of the storm that has been ripping through the southeastern US today.

Gusts of 20+ MPH with heavy rainfall and extremely limited visibility, but other than that, not much more than your typical torrential downpour...just usually occurs more often in the summer months.

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Ice-pocalypse Averted

By: curlyfriez, 8:10 AM GMT on January 28, 2013

Turns out the ice-pocalypse didn't hit Athens like everyone predicted it would. Conditions along the major interstate highways leading in and out of Atlanta, however, proved much more dangerous than previously expected. Thankfully, I waited until much later in the day to leave for home, where the weather proved much milder and more tolerable than up here in Athens.

Down in Macon, highs of 60+F with beautifully clear skies and light winds. With lows in the 40s, not a terrible January weekend at all.

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Ice-pocalypse 2013 (Maybe)

By: curlyfriez, 11:09 PM GMT on January 24, 2013

Writing this before the ice is predicted to hit parts of northern Georgia, and secretly praying to the great weather gods in the sky that classes get cancelled for tomorrow. (A false hope, at best.) Conditions are turning at the time of this post, evident by the growing chill I feel creeping along the breeze. Relatively clear here at sunset; mostly high-altitude cirrus clouds far in the distance.

A beautiful sunset nevertheless.

Winter Weather Athens

Updated: 6:17 AM GMT on January 25, 2013


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Weather At War With Itself

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