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By: clearlakemike, 5:28 PM GMT on November 01, 2006

Our adventure to the coast and the "maiden" ride in "Rocinante II" (hopefully, John Steinbeck isn’t rolling over in his grave, a writer I am definitely not, lol) was a success and a lot of fun. Snowy was perplexed that the "little house" all of a sudden rumbled to life and started to roll along. He wouldn't leave my feet for awhile but then got used to all the noises and lay out in the "entry" like he was at home. Our journey just took us about 200 miles from the heart of the coastal range out to the coast and back. The fall foliage in the still dry mountain canyons was beautiful. When we arrived at the coast the sun was Indian Summer warm and the coast was clear.

We parked the Rocinante II next to the sand and enjoyed the ocean view, roar of the crashing surf and invigorating fresh sea air. Watching the sun set out on the horizon we roasted weenies by a roaring campfire which also kept the dampness and chill away from a seaside evening. The dark night sky provided an astonishing display of stars overhead with a clear view of the Milky Way.

A beautiful sunny morning followed with a wonderful walk on the beach. The seagulls were catching their breakfast by the creek as it met the ocean after its run down through the canyons above. The warm sun felt good after the cool night. We took Guy’s car for a ride into town. The sun sparkled on the ocean as we drove up and down through the steep seaside cliffs and canyons and along marine terraces with lots of Happy California Cows. The rocky coast is breathtaking and reminds me of my other favorite coast ride along Big Sur further south in Monterey County. The Mendocino Coast is also a gem of the California coast with tide pools filled with colorful and interesting marine life, beautiful blue and aquamarine waters crashing into bright white surf against the rocks.

Feather was kind enough to drive up from Ft. Bragg and take me for a tide pool tour on her favorite beaches. Feather’s knowledge of the marine and plant life along the Mendocino Coast is amazing! She is a walking (and she does a lot of walking!) Jepson’s Manual. This is my third beach tour with Feather and I am constantly impressed with her depth of knowledge about this environment. I have learned a lot from her tours which are both fun and informative. Thank you, Feather, and thank you for taking this wonderful shot of Snowy!

Well, all fun things have to come to an end and we had to roll the “beach house” back home. But will always have the memories and the photos. We will be back out there again, hopefully sooner than later.

Updated: 4:49 PM GMT on December 29, 2006


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