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Namaste from Bangalore Part 2

By: clearlakemike, 1:20 PM GMT on April 20, 2006

Part Two


Updated: 12:36 PM GMT on May 02, 2006


Namaste from Bangalore!!!

By: clearlakemike, 2:14 PM GMT on April 13, 2006

Thank you! (comment update on #14 comment)

Magic Carpet

Today is the day and in about 4 hours will be at SFO waiting for our flight to take us to Germany and then continue on to Southern India. After all the activity of trying to get ready it might be kind of nice to just sit for awhile as we fly over Canada and out towards Europe. Will be flying on this Passover into a bright full moon night over the Atlantic.

The rain has stopped for now and there is even a little bit of a sunrise as I write this. It rained very hard and steady the last few days and some more houses nearby have started to slide. Unfortunately, an elderly gentleman was buried alive underneath 14 feet of mud while trying to unclog his drains around his home. Several more homes have been sliding and one driveway gave way and the owner’s car was completely turned upside down by the movement of the earth.

We will be missing the anniversary walk down to Lotta’s fountain in San Francisco to commemorate and remember the 100th anniversary of the great San Francisco earthquake of 1906. There have been several interesting locally produced programs about the 1906 quake that we have enjoyed watching. It is amazing that there are still survivors that are alive from that cataclysmic day so long ago.

I will miss California but am excited about discovering the wonders of India. I am sure there will be a surprise at every turn. Very much looking forward to the dry, hot and dusty weather in southern India at the end of their dry season. Hopefully, will come back to California at the beginning our dry season, and a land filled with bright yellow and orange California poppies on the emerald green hills. And of course, bright clean, clear beautiful blue skies and the infinitely calming blue Pacific.

If I get a chance and the Frankfurt airport has wireless internet, which I am sure it does as I hear it is a really nice airport as airports go, I will try and check-in during my brief layover there tomorrow morning.

To all my friends here on WU thank you for your unwavering support and interest, and of course, friendship, and will hopefully be bringing you along soon on a virtual ride to incredible India!


Updated: 6:10 PM GMT on April 15, 2006



By: clearlakemike, 5:04 PM GMT on April 10, 2006


Wow, I can’t believe its here already and in days I will be leaving all this freakin rain and be somewhere warm and dry, lol. The countdown clock is ticking and on Thursday we will be blasting off for Bangalore!

Part of another rainy week in Northern California to endure first, though. The record breaking rainfall has caused part of the roadbed of the coast highway south of San Francisco to start sliding down the 500 foot cliffs towards the Pacific Ocean below. The road is closed indefinitely. Flooding woes in the Central Valley and mudslides and road closures have been the norm here for going on now for a month. The Pacific water hose is still aimed at us as another series of storms will pound the coast and bring more unneeded and unwanted rain all this week. Reservoirs in many locations are already full and will be overflowing, presenting headaches to flood control authorities.

I am looking forward to the dry, warm Indian sun and all the adventures that are still before me half away around the world. It has been quite an adventure just getting ready for the trip. Going overseas requires adjusting to a new set of travel rules, regulations and customs. Trying to figure out the byzantine Indian train schedules and classes is mind boggling and have been buying strange things like DEET mosquito spray, money belts and bandanas to cover our mouths and noses (nothing like the “armed revolutionary look” in fashion, as we are told we will need them as the air pollution in B’lore is intense. LA smog will seem pristine after this, I guess.)

Still have a little packing and a little more shopping to do but am pretty much ready for my Indian adventure. Have been watching a little of Jeremy Piven's Journey of a Lifetime, about his discovering the wonders of India, which airs again tonight at 9pm ET/PT on the Travel Channel. Tivoed the two episodes which aired earlier last week and have been watching it in between the packing and other chores here and there. Can’t believe I am going to be seeing some of this for real very soon. Needless to say, I am very excited.

Indian Flag

Updated: 11:51 PM GMT on April 10, 2006


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