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Zooming into a New World

By: clearlakemike, 4:09 PM GMT on November 06, 2005

Canon has introduced a new telephoto zoom lens to its vast lineup of lenses for its EOS camera bodies, the EF 70-300mm IS USM telephoto zoom. I have been wanting a telephoto zoom lens to add to my Digital Rebel's lens collection and am glad I waited a little bit. Decided to give myself an early holiday gift and am now starting to enjoy and learn a whole new world of telephoto zoom.

The new lens replaces the old Canon 75-300 IS lens with a better technology and a lighter lens, which makes handheld and neckheld shooting more enjoyable. I have been enjoying the IS USM wide angle (zoom) EF-S (the S means only for the Digital Rebels and 20D's, I think) 17-85mm lens. Canon's Image Stablization is great and makes shooting while shivering in cool ocean winds or after a morning of too much coffee more successful.

Not to promote one product over another but there are a growing legion of Digital Rebel (XT) and 20D users on WUG who, like myself, are becoming or have been dedicated Canon fans. This new addition to the lens line-up is being offered with a rebate currently in a tiered offer similar to past rebates. The lens is priced for the prosumer market. For Rebel (and 20D) users preparing their lists for Santa, check this one out if you have been wanting to get close up.


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