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Really Feeling Like Autumn in Mid Michigan

By: chatcat, 8:49 PM GMT on August 20, 2012

After a summer of very hot, above-normal temperatures, suddenly that is all past and temps are doing well to make it into the 70s. Please understand, I'm not complaining one bit. This is so refreshing after what we've been through. One actually feels like being outdoors and doing something. For the past week, our highs have only reached the mid 70s at best and it finally hit 70F which I'm sure will be today's high since it is already 4:45 PM.

The hummingbirds seem to be preparing for their long journey south and are visiting my feeder constantly. I have seen the prediction map for this winter and it isn't indicating anything particularly severe for our area although I don't put much trust is those predictions. Last year was supposed to be a hard winter for us and we nearly had no winter at all. I think we had three ground-covering snowfalls but they only lasted a few day each. Since it has been my experience that the weather always balances itself out, I'm afraid that this winter may be a doozy for us. Only time will tell.

This is what our current forecast looks like:
Early This Evening...Mostly clear. Temperatures nearly steady around 71. North winds 5 to 15 mph.

Tonight...Mostly clear. Patchy fog. Lows 46 to 50. Light and variable winds.

Tuesday...Mostly sunny. Highs 75 to 79. Northwest winds 5 to 15 mph.

Tuesday Night...Mostly clear. Lows 51 to 55. Light west winds... Becoming light south.

Wednesday...Sunny. Highs 80 to 84. Southwest winds 5 to 15 mph.

Wednesday Night...Mostly clear. Lows 57 to 61. Light southwest winds.

Thursday...Mostly sunny. Highs 81 to 85.

They have been predicting those temps in the upper 70s to near 80F for a week but we never seem to quite make it. But we're heading north for the weekend so I hope it stays warm for next weekend.


The End to our Drought in Mid Michigan

By: chatcat, 1:28 AM GMT on August 12, 2012

After spring and most of the summer seeing temperatures much above normal and very dry conditions, Michigan was finally relieved of it's drought over the past two days. My area received a total of 2.74" of rain while areas near Bay City and Midland saw as much as 8 inches. Rainfall was abundant over much of the state bringing scorched lawns back to life. This is more rain than we have seen in the past three months and more is expected this week.

Tomorrow will be the pick day of our weekend with sunny skies expected and highs in the upper 70s. The temp was expected to reach 70F today but it never made it out of the 60s. The cloudy and damp conditions were a benefit for the moisture-starved vegetation. It is our hopes that rain will be a frequent visitor in the weeks ahead.


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Weather or Not!

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