Tropical Update: June 12th, Calm Atlantic, 91E Dying, Moving to Unfavorable Area

By: cg2916, 2:06 PM GMT on June 12, 2009

CurrentlyAtlantic - The Atlantic Basin is currently quiet.Current view of the Atlantic Basin.Pacific - Invest 91E is looking disorganized and is moving into unfavorable conditions.Current view of the Eastern Pacific.91E Continues to Weaken, Moving Into Unfavorable ConditionsInvest 91E weakened overnight. It is now unlikely that it will develop. It is moving into unfavorable conditions, and is not expected to make anoter comeback. The SSD Dvorak technique shows it we...

Tropical Update: June 11th, Quiet Atlantic, Confused 91E

By: cg2916, 12:46 PM GMT on June 11, 2009

CurrentlyAtlantic - Currently the Atlantic is quiet.Current view of the Atlantic Basin.Pacific - Invest 91E has been going back and forth. The NHC raised its chances of developing as it weakened. ?. It may become fully tropical today, if it re-organizes.Current view of the Eastern Pacific.Invest 91E QuestionableIt is still unsure whether or not 91E will develop. I'll make this short, sweet, and to the point. Yesterday it was looking great in the afternoon. Then it l...

Tropical Update: June 10th, Quiet Atlantic, 91E Continues to Weaken

By: cg2916, 1:52 PM GMT on June 10, 2009

CurrentlyAltantic - Currently there is nothing to watch out for in the Atlantic Basin.Current view of the Atlantic Basin.Pacific - The Eastern Pacific is pretty quiet,Invest 91E is the only prominent area, although it is very weak and disorganized and it is extremely unlikely to develop.Current view of the Eastern Pacific.Invest 91E Very Disorganized, Not Much of a Threat To Develop At All AnymoreEastern Pacific Invest 91E has become extremely disorganized. It is ...

Tropical Update: June 9th, Atlantic Quiet, 91E Weakens

By: cg2916, 12:09 PM GMT on June 09, 2009

CurrentlyAtlantic - The Atlantic Basin doesn't have much to talk about. The Caribbean still has that system, but it will not develop any time soon, and most likely not at all.Current view of the Atlantic basin.Pacific - The Eastern Pacific has 91E to watch out for. It is in the middle of nowhere and is no threat to land areas. It has weakened, then strengthened in one way (it's complicated).Current view of the Eastern Pacific.91E Weakens, Chance of Development Slimm...

Tropical Update: June 8th, Pretty Calm, Caribbean Still Not Good, 91E in the Pacific

By: cg2916, 1:37 PM GMT on June 08, 2009

CurrentlyThere is currently nothing that is a big threat to develop in the Atlantic basin.Current view of the Atlantic Basin.Caribbean Development Not Changed MuchThe area off of Central America has gained some heavy convection, but organization remains the same. The SSD (Satellite Services Division) of NOAA has placed a floater named 'Test' over the sysytem, which implies that this may become Invest 93L if it persists over the heavy shear over it.Current view of th...

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