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Milk Paint

By: calpoppy, 12:46 AM GMT on May 28, 2013

Milk paint has been around for hundreds of years. It is really made of milk or cottage cheese and uses natural pigments. Those pigments could be soot, charcoal, crushed brick or come from the earth. Milk paint is made from curdled milk, lime and pigment and comes in powered form. You can then mix it with water to get the consistency you want.

The neat think about milk paint is the ability to use two colors one over each other to create your own unique look. Used on antique furniture to give it that old look, it is best used on old wood, not new. Another neat thing about milk paint is it is not toxic! You could dump the unused paint in your garden if you want. Also it can be used a lot in baby furniture or on things you want to be non-toxic.

I first learned about milk paint when we were ordering our farm table. We wanted old barnwood for the wood and found a company in Pennsylvania that does it. They also use milk paint on some of their furniture. We went ahead and had part of the farm table benches painted in milk paint. So I thought I could do this to a few old benches we had. They were originally used as a hatch for a boat. Mr. P got them in the late 1960’s so they are OLD wood!!

I painted the benches and then we put together are sun and moon garden, or sitting area, LOL!

We still aren’t done as we need to finish the walkway and I am putting in Torch cactus between the planters.

We did use the paint on these cement chimney inserts that I use as planters, the pups were very willing to leave their paw prints in the paint, and being non-toxic it was allowed!

Now look at a professional job of milk paint, one of our farm table benches.

Updated: 1:01 PM GMT on June 24, 2013


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