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New pups!

By: calpoppy, 11:03 PM GMT on February 18, 2013

When we decided to get pups we choose to go through an adoption center. We don’t believe in paying for a pup but in the case of an adoption center it is a donation. They are non-profit and the foster parents get no pay except for the costs of feeding the animals. They have some pretty hefty vet bills to pay so the cost of these foster dogs is not cheap. They get them from shelters and many are surrendered to them. While we were picking up our pups the foster mom said she had to get over to a new foster mom who was whelping husky puppies from a mom who was surrendered. A great site to go to is ADOPT A PET. A nicely done web site with every pup, kitten and even rabbits to adopt. Our pup’s foster mom said her mission in life was to save puppies, and she has for 20 years.

Tess and Pepper are our new pups, and what a joy they are to have around. I am sure that won’t always be the case, LOL! They are Lab/Cattle dog and just looking at Pepper you can see the Cattle Dog, Tess the Lab. Tess has one of the softest coats I have ever felt, like a rabbit! Pepper has a more course fur and she is for sure the more adventurous pup.

When we came home yesterday with the pups we put them out on the ground and the Guinea fowl went nuts! They actually came up to the pups like a gang defending their turf! Pups weren’t scared at all; they went right up to them. Then the Peafowl got into the act.

We are already worn out, LOL!!! But with all of our old dogs that seemed to have gotten sick and died one right after another, it is so nice to see youthful exuberance. Our hope is that these little girls will be able to travel with us, they are smart and willing to please so with some training they should be great.

Love the belly!!

Just a note I put the date back on all these photos because I did not want them in the gallery.


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