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By: blur, 4:44 PM GMT on February 28, 2013

Linksys installation turned out to be very unstable (complete freeze after about 36 hours from boot) and final hit was when wvieweather's archive database was corrupted.

Upgraded wvieweather to version 5.20.2 on my old Fujitsu Silverline at least for now until I can sort out the problems with the NSLU2 box.

Weather server upgrade

By: blur, 6:05 PM GMT on February 02, 2013

Wviewweather server is now upgraded to version 5.20.2.
This allows for Solar Radiation and UV-index values reported to Wunderground as well.

Also, weather server hardware is changed. You might call this a downgrade - at least in physical terms - as the old Fujitsu Silverline desktop computer gave way to Linksys NSLU2 slug running Debian Squeeze.

On-line again

By: blur, 9:09 PM GMT on April 25, 2010

Good old weather server had some boot problems, GRUB just did not boot at all. After re-locating GRUB on another disk able to boot once again.

ADSL modem hung up

By: blur, 6:18 PM GMT on October 14, 2009

This morning we had no internet connection. Turned out that our A-link RoadRunner 24AP had hung up at around 4AM local time. Since there was no connection to the device's admin interface, only solutions was to do a hard boot.

WeatherDisplay problems

By: blur, 7:48 PM GMT on September 29, 2009

September 22nd we had a power loss resulting in WeatherDisplay configuration loss.This was a tricky thing to set up in the first place, and so was it this time too.WeatherDisplay on Linux appears to have tendency to crash at times when on the setup screens. But now back online at least until the next power loss ...

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