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Day by Day in NW Montana - August 2013

By: bionicdan, 5:00 AM GMT on August 24, 2013

August 2013 - Ranch Weather Summary
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August 23, 2013

Flash, Marty, Brandy, Rebel, Moose, Bozo, Pokey, Gulliver, Buckwheat, Cody, Shelby, Cinnamon, Tribble, ... Ginger, and others not mentioned; the names bring back an image or more for each of them. They enter your life. They steal your heart. Memories of great joy make you laugh as you recall the time they spent with you. The time goes by and before you know it the day comes for them to give your heart back to you. A heart not stolen afterall; just borrowed, and although older, the heart returned feels stronger. For now they have given memories back to you. Parting is never easy. And the goodbye can be sudden, but necessary. So it is. A life ends. And a life goes on. Of all the dogs named, only one was really my dog ... from the start ... and until the end ... I will miss you Ginger. Thanks!

(Ginger: June 12, 1996 -- August 23, 2013)

Ginger: 1996-2013 photo Ginger_003_zpsf51a091a.jpg

August 24, 2013. There is a sad emptiness surrounding me today. Although her interactions and responses to calling her name were dulled for quite some time, she was there. And I talked to her frequently. She had been unable to jump onto the couch without help so I put an old cushion on the floor to shorten the jump. Lately, she did not get onto the couch at all unless I lifted her there. But she was there. Sometimes lying on the cushion, sometimes beside it on the floor next to my chair. Often, very quietly, she would get up from her sleeping place and pace around, as though looking for something that was lost. And I would often get up from my chair as well and look for her as though to help find what had caused her to rise. I would put her outside where she would either stand, still looking for something, or wander, a continued searching for something she seemed to no longer be able to find. And then she would stand some more. I would go outside after awhile and somehow catch her attention. Although blind and unable to hear, she would sense me walking by and turn and follow me wherever I went, and eventually back into the house. Once back in the house she would sometimes eat or drink a bit and again wander and search until finally turning in a circle and lying down to rest. Sometimes back on her bed. Often lately, just anywhere at the end of the search. Maybe in a sunbeam, maybe just at the end of the hallway, her search ended for a while until the next awakening.

I put her cushion away today.

There is an emptiness on the floor next to my chair.

Day by Day in NW Montana - July 2013

By: bionicdan, 6:56 AM GMT on August 03, 2013

July 2013 Weather Observations
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