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By: bigtrucker, 3:15 AM GMT on April 15, 2009

Good Luck to all that find their way in the path of any storm that might affects their area, hopefully there will be none. I could post stuff that others already have, but i decided to just write how I feel. Anomolies are rising in the EPAC which is looking to set up an El Nino pattern. While it means a lesser amount of tropical cyclones, it only takes one to change Millions of lives.
I saw some graphics that I will look up and post, but im pretty sure Gloria (85) and Belle (78) that affected Southern New England were born in an El Nino cycle. Couple that with the fact that we are well overdue (see graphic at bottom), and I come to the conclusion there is at least a 30% chance of a New England Storm. I would never wishcast but I wish the local media would do a better job of informing the public of the dangers, and preparedness. Millions of people have relocated to the northeast, and beachfront construction has exploded leaving tens of thousands of people at risk. A lot of these people Have absolutely no idea of how to prepare themselves for a hurricane, and probably dont even realize hurricanes can and do affect this region.
In closing, i am wishing those that are most vulnerable a safe season. And all remains calm.
God Bless,

I'M Adding a new addition to my blog. "Song of the night". It will not be mainstream music. It will be songs by various artists that you may not have heard before. Some of it will be covers of songs that you already know. Hope you enjoy the tunes, I will pick one song per night. Who knows, you may find a new band to enjoy.
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Eastern Atlantic

Surface Analysis

Average return years for a cat 1 hurricane for the NE. We have gone 24 years, and we are well overdue. The general public in the NE should be reeducated on preparedness for Hurricanes. We are overdue with Cat 3 storms for which we had three

Top Ten days in CT. (there can be more than Ten)

1) May,13,2007: Started out with a temperature of 51 degrees at 7:00, Afternoon high temperature reached 71 degrees, calm wind and true blue skies. Dew point 43 degrees

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