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Duct Tape Blog 3

By: bigtrucker, 1:42 AM GMT on October 23, 2008

Duct tape was first invented by Richard Drew of the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. (3M)The Original use for the product was to keep moisture out of ammunition cases, and because it was waterproof it became called Duck Tape. The Military found it could be used for a variety of reasons like fixing their guns, jeeps, aircrafts, etc,etc.

After the war people found many ways to use what became known as Duct Tape, such as fixing things around the house and holding together Duct work in heating and air conditioning systems.

As time evolved, some pretty wacky uses have been utilized using the miracle tape

So here we have "Duct Tape Blog Three" What have you used the sticky wrap to get you out of a bind? Or if you just want to stick in a funny picture, feel free to do so.

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By: bigtrucker, 1:05 AM GMT on October 16, 2008

Trust. When you wholeheartedly believe that the person you are with is truly sincere with you. Trust is believing that the person you share your life with would never do anything to harm you. Trust is a feeling you get which is a true source of comfort. Believing that no matter what happens, the person that you trust will always be there, no matter what hardships should arrive. Trust is knowing that no matter how bad things get in your life the person you trust will always be by your side. Trust is knowing that the person you trust wont desert you when your life is less than perfect.Trust can give you a true sense of security, which leads you into a sense of security, sort of like a blanket that is wrapped around you that keeps you comfortable.
When you find out the person you trust with your life turns on you it can be an aweful feeling. It can have detramental effects on both your physical and mental well being. You ponder what happened. Why the person you trusted in all aspects in your life has suddenly turned their back on you and will now do anything to harm you. you wonder why the person you trusted is now unworthy of trust and you have to be fearful of the trust you once felt. It can also have far reaching effects. When you have complete trust in someone and they break that trust, you have a difficult time trusting anyone else. You become so skeptical of everyone, it borders on paranoia. After being betrayed, it is hard to believe in anyone else. When someone says they love you, they need you, and they will never leave your side, than turn around and betray you, it brings on a feeling you can never trust another human being again. After all, you put your trust in that person and they made you feel foolish for doing so.
It is easy to stand by someone when they are able bodied and things are moving along with no problems. But as soon as things get tough, and problems arise it is muck easier to throw your hands in the air and give up. Thats when you realize the person you put your trust in, really never cared for you. They never loved you. They say they love you, but in all actuality there was never any love. There was never any trust. there was a a need for companionship, but never love. Never trust.
In days long gone, marriage was sticking through the rough times. Outside of infidelity, there was nothing that two people who loved each other couldn't work out. Though it was hard, they stuck by each other working out the problems and helping the other to better themself. Now it is far easier to throw in the towel because it's much easier than working out the problems.
Communication is also a major issue in todays society. It is far more easy to just ignore the problems at hand, rather than talk about what you are feeling. It could be that the person is avoiding the problem, It could be that they are afraid that talking about their feelings may complicate things further. One thing is for sure, lack of communication just makes matters worse. And thats when the trust goes out the window.

Any thoughts or comments feel free to post or mail me. I am trying to figure out this trust thing. There have been several people throughout my life that I trusted and all but a select few have let me down. Peace to everyone, Art

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a few new pics

By: bigtrucker, 3:53 PM GMT on October 12, 2008

Hope all are well. I have been so consumed with work and "stuff" I just have not had the time for the computer all that much. I do miss blogging with the best group of people on the net. Time is starting to slacken up a little and I look forward to having more blogging time.

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