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Happy New Year

By: bigtrucker, 4:31 AM GMT on October 30, 2007

Public Information Statement
Statement as of 11:03 am CST on December 11, 2007

... Deadly effects of Carbon monoxide poisoning...

During significant winter events... ice accumulations may cause power outages.
Carbon monoxide poisoning is a very real concern during power
outages due to the misuse of portable heating devices.

Proper ventilation is a must... when using portable heating devices.

Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless deadly gas that can
cause shortness of breath... confusion... nausea... headaches...
dizziness... light headedness and other flu like symptoms. If left
untreated Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause death.

If you suspect Carbon monoxide poisoning move to fresh air and seek immediate medical

From Main Street, Pocahontas

As we enter this Holy Month I want to wish EVERYONE a very Merry Christmas and a safe and peaceful holiday season

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Diary of the Post Season

By: bigtrucker, 7:41 PM GMT on October 01, 2007


The Stage has been set in the American League Divisional Series With The New York Yankees taking on the Cleveland Indians at Jacobs Field, Thursday October,4th.
The L.A.Angels will be taking on the Boston Red Sox,at Fenway Park,October 3rd.
In the National League, The Chicago Cubs and the Arizona Diamondbacks are slated to start their divisional play at Chase Field in Arizona,Wed.,October,3rd.

The wild card in the National League has come down to a winner take all showdown between the San Diego Padres and the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field This afternoon at 3:37M.T. The Padres will send Jake Peavy(19-6)also a Cy Young favorite)against Colorado's Josh Fogg (10-9)in a battle of the right handers.
October,1st: Tiebreaker for NL wild card
The Colorado Rockies win the wild card spot in the play offs,in a 13 inning thriller. In the top of the 13th inning,Brian Giles walked for the Padres and Scott Hariston hit a 2 run homer to put the Padres up 8-6.
Than in the bottom of the 13th, K.Matsui doubled, T.Tulowitzski doubled in an RBI,and M.Holliday tripled to tie the game at 8-8. J.Carroll hit a line drive sacrifice fly to short right field to bring in the winning run and a trip to the playoffs for the Rockies.

The Colorado Rockies take on the Philidelphia Phillies at Citizens Bank Park, October,3rd at 3:00PM

My World Series pics:
The Chicago Cubs vs.
The Boston Red Sox
Post season schedule

What Makes coaching rewarding???
Yesterday,I got this letter from a mom of kid i coached for a few years.......

Jamie has been playing travel AAU baseball since last fall when we decided West Haven Little League had pretty much turned into the scum of the Earth. We have played all over the place including Long Island, Myrtle Beach, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. He played for the CT Dawgs out of Norko's Baseball in Woodbridge last fall and spring for his 12U season. He now plays 13U for Team Connecticut Blue Jays (the guys that owned All Pro Sports in West Haven) which is on the legit major league baseball size field. He's been pitching and playing the outfield for both teams and has been remarkable. His last coach told him his right arm "was touched by God" and that he has the potential to make a name for himself. He's currently leading his team in batting average, extra base hits and stolen bases. This from the little kid who was afraid of getting hit by a pitch and jumped out of the batter's box every at bat.

So, Jamie pitched a great game on Sunday (we lost 5-2 but it was all errors and no hitting. Jamie was great!) So, after the game, he was really down because he thought he did such a good job and they still lost. Jeff and I were trying to cheer him up by telling him he has nothing to be upset about and he did amazing. So, Jeff (being a smart ass as always) says to Jamie "Well, when you make it big and pitch for the Yankees, you'll know who to thank." Without missing a beat he turned to Jeff and said "Yeah, Coach Art. He told me I could be a great pitcher and I am!" Jeff just stopped and I was speechless. We both looked at him and said yup, you're right! So, when he makes it big Art, you'll be the first phone call we'll make and you better be ready to make a trip to Yankee Stadium to see him pitch!

Also, I forgot to add, Jamie wears #11 which was his Little League number the year we played for the championship with the Mets because he said it was "his best season ever." His baseball nickname is Sticks because of it. It's very fitting because he's so tall and skinny, his legs look like sticks! He also still has the team picture you gave us in his room next to the trophy from that year.

Art, he thinks the world of you and you are never far from his fondest memories of little league. These are memories he'll cherish forever and you have changed his life! You gave him the confidence to pursue a dream and he is doing just that. Unfortunately, we play all over the state so we never play local games. I would love to have you see him pitch. I think you'd be shocked. He amazes us every time he takes the mound. We couldn't be prouder of him for not only the player he is but the young man he is becoming.

Rockies W3-L0 WIN SERIES

Phillies W0-L3

Diamondbacks W3-L0 WIN SERIES
Cubs W0-L3
Angels W0-L3

Yankees W1-L3
Indians W3-L1 WIN SERIES________________
The Colorado Rockies have defeated the Philadelphia Phillies by the score of 4-2. Francis picks up the win, setting the pace retiring the first 7 batters in a row.The Rockies scored 3 runs in the third,and Matt holliday hit a solo homer in the 8th.For the Phillies, there were 2 solo homers by Aaron Rowlin and Pat Burrell scoring the only Phillies runs
The Arizona Diamondbacks won over The Chicago Cubs by the score of 3-0.Brandon Webb silenced the Cubbies bats,striking out 9 in 7 innings.
The Colorado Rockies went ahead on back to back homers in the first and Matzui hit a grand slam in the 4th to lead the the Rockies to a 10-5 victory.
The Rockies beat the Phillies to take a 2-0 game lead in the NLDS(A) Game
The Arizona Diamondbacks defeated the Chicago Cubs by the score of 8-4. G.Soto got the cubs a two run homer in the 2nd to give them a short lived lead.The next half inning,the D-BAcks put up 4 runs,including a Chris Young 3 run homer to put them in front for good. The cubs are now facing elimination
The Arizona Diamondbacks have swept the Chicago Cubs to become the First team to Advance to a League Championship series.They Etched there way into the 2007 NLCS by defeating the Chicago Cubs 5-1 at Wrigley Field in a three game sweep
The Colorado Rockies completed a 3 game sweep against the Philadelphia Phillies to secure their spot in the NLCS for the first time in franchise history.In the bottom of the 8th with 2 outs,the Rockies got back to back to back hits to go ahead for good.Final score was 2-1.
The Boston Red Sox won game 1 behind a compete game shutout pitched by Josh Beckett,winning by the score of 4-0. David Ortiz hit a 2 run homer to put them well ahead, and they never fell behind.
The Cleveland Indians put on a hitting clinic tonight scoring 14 runs on 12 hits with 5 homers to take game 1 against the New York Yankees. The Yankees squandered several chances early on to score runs.
Classic pitchers duel took place in Cleveland between Pettite and Carmona.Pettite gave up 0 runs in 7-2/3 innings,and Carmona gave up 1 in 9 innings. with a 1-1 tie in the 11th inning, the Indians loaded the bases and won on a base hit by Travis Hafner driving in Kenny Lofton, for a 2-1 victory.
NOTE:The Indians Kenny Lofton has been red hot in the playoffs going 3-4 driving in 4 RBI's and scoring the game winning run in game 2, in two games!!!!
The L.A.Angels and the Boston Red Sox played another Post Season nail biter going into the bottom of the ninth tied at 3. Manny Rameriz blasted a 3 Run Homer to end it by the score of 6-3 Sox go up 2 games to 0.
The Yankees,Cubs,and Phillies are all down by two games and are facing elimination.Winning and moving on will mean these teams will have to win 3 in a row which is possible,but not probable.
The Boston Red Sox have swept the L.A.Angels winning 3 games in a row to advance to the ALCS. Ortiz and Ramierez had back to back homers early on, than the Sox put up a 7 spot in the 7th to put the game out of reach.
The New York Yankees avoided being swept for the first time
in post season play, by scoring 8 runs on 11 hits. Roger Clemons came out of the game with hamstring problems.Johnnie Damon connected for a three run homer, and Trot Nixons error in right field caused 3 runs to score.Final: Indians 4- Yankees-8
The Cleveland Indians beat the New York Yankees by the score of 6-4 to win the ALDS(B)3-1. The stage is now set for the Indians to play the Red Sox in the ALCS


. .vs.
The Arizona Diamondbacks W0-L4
The Colorado Rockies have defeated the Arizona Diamondbacks by the score of 5-1 to win game one of this best of 7 series.Francis pitched well for the Rockies giving up only 1 run in 7 innings pitched
The Colorado Rockies,winners of 15 out of their last 16 games,won game 2 of the NLCS in an 11 inning thriller 3-2. The Rockies will now travel home with a 2 games to 0 lead in the series. great defense by the Rockies was the difference in this game, with The Rockies making several great plays.The Diamondbacks walked in the winning run in the 11th inning
The brooms will be out in game 4 from Colorado tomorrow night, after the Rockies win 3 in a row and are in position to sweep the Arizona Diamondbacks. All the runs came on homers, on a rainy, chilly night, with Arizona's M.Reynolds getting a solo HR in the 4th. Colorado's were hit by MVP favorite Matt Holliday,a solo shot,and a 3 run dinger hit by Torrealba to lead the Rockies to a 4-1 victory. With the win, The Rockies have won 20 out of their last 21 games and have not lost a post season game as of yet.-----------------------------------
The Colorado Rockies have swept both the NLDS and the NLCS to advance to the world series,for the first time in franchise history. Matt Holliday won the MVP. The Rockies have won 21 out of their last 22 games, and everything seems to be going their way. They now await the winner of the ALCS to see where they will be starting game 1 of the World Series

The Cleveland Indians W3-L4
. .vs.
The Boston Red Sox W4-L3 WIN SERIES--------------------------------------------------
The Boston Red Sox defeated the Cleveland Indians by the score of 10-3. J.Beckett stuck out 7 in 6 innings.Ortiz went 2-2 with 2 walks, and M. Ramirez went 2-2 with 3 RBI's to take the lead in the ALCS 1-0
The Cleveland Indians and the Boston Red Sox played an extra inning thriller with the Indians breaking it wide open in the top of the 11th to win the game 13-6,and even the series at 1 game apiece. Trot Nixon drove in the winning runs. For the Red Sox, Manny Ramirez continues to be red hot in the post season.
10-15 07
Jake Westbrook put the Indians up 2-1 in the ALCS, pitching brilliantly, and had great defense behind him with three double plays in the first 3 innings. Kenny Lofton hit a 2 run homer,and they never lost the lead. Final score was Red sox-2 Indians-4
The Cleveland Indians defeated the Boston Red Sox 7-3 to put themselves on the verge of heading for the World Series.Cleveland put up 7 runs in the bottom of the 5th to take a commanding lead. In the top of the 6th Boston hit back to back to back Homers to get back in it, but the scoring ended there
NOTE:Eucilis,Ortiz and Ramerez's back to back to back home runs is the first time in championship play
Josh Beckett showed why he's Cy Young material by striking out 11 batters through 8 innings of play, winning game 5 in the series, and bringing it back to Fenway Park for game 6.The Red Sox got 7 runs on 11 hits, the Tribe got 1 run on 6 hits.
Curt Shilling will take the mound on Saturday evening, hoping to keep the Bo Sox alive in the series
The Boston Red Sox both outslugged and outpitched the Cleveland Indians in both game 6 and 7, which put them in the World Series for the second time in three years.
They will be playing the Colorado Rockies who have been the hottest playing team in baseball, and won the national Leaugue Pennant in a four game sweep of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The Colorado Rockies W0-L4
The Boston Red Sox W4-L0Win World Series
Game 1 of the 2007 World Series was won by the Red Sox in commanding fashion, with Josh Beckett in command striking out the sides in the first inning.A first pitch,lead off homer by Pedroia put the Red Sox ahead and they never looked back,Smashing 13 runs on 17 hits the Rockies were held to 1 run on 6 hits.
Game 2 was a classic World Series game with tough pitching,and hits hard to come by.Mike Lowell knocked in the go ahead run on a double in the bottom of the 5th,to put the Red Sox up 2-0 in the best of 7 series.The tough Red Sox bullpen pitched 3-1/3 innings of scoreless baseball to back up a fine performance by Curt Shilling
Game 3 was another hitting clinic put on by the Bo-Sox. Ellsbury went 4-5 including 2 doubles.All together the Red Sox got 10 runs on 15 hits. After Boston took a 6-0 lead, the Rockies made it interesting when Matt Holliday Smashed a 3 run homer to make it a one run game. But Boston tacked on runs to finally put it out of reach.
Final score Red sox 10 Rockies 5. With the win, the Red Sox are on the verge of sweeping the Rockies and winning their 2nd World Series in three years
Game 4 proved the domination of both the pitching depth, and the slugging as the Boston Red Sox completed a 4 game sweep of the Colorado Rockies.
John Lester pitched spectcular,going 5 2/3 innings of shut out baseball to earn his first career post season win.
The Rockies battled back in the seventh inning with a Garrett Atkins 2 run homer to put them within one run, but Papelbon came in with 2 outs in the eighth to pick up his third save in the series.
Mike Lowell, who has been a dominating RBI producer the entire season,carried that into the post season, and won the World Series MVP crown.
Congratulations to both teams, and hats off to the Boston Red Sox,The 2007 World Series Champions

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