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Frigid air here!!!!!!

By: bigtrucker, 8:30 AM GMT on January 02, 2007

More cold air is poised to move into the Tri-State region tomorrow night through mid week. High temps will struggle to get out of the teens with overnight lows in the single digits. A tight pressure gradient will bring winds between 15-30 MPH with higher gusts will result in wind chills at or below zero.
so all in all, it should be a cold week with several arctic fronts moving through, there is a chance for a little light snow with each impulse that moves through.


Temperatures along Southern New England could shoot well into the upper 60's by Saturday,shattering records!! After that the Northern jet stream should begin sagging to the south bringing more seasonable air, with even a chance of our first snowfall of the year Tuesday night into Wednesday

... Record high temperature set at Kennedy...

A record high temperature of 71 degrees was set at Kennedy today at
136 PM. This breaks the old record of 57 set in 1998.

This breaks the all time high temperature for January at Kennedy of
69 degrees set back on January 26th 1950.

Record Report
Statement as of 04:29 PM EST on January 07, 2007
... Record high temperature set at Kennedy...
A record high temperature of 56 degrees was set at Kennedy today at
1216 am. This breaks the old record of 53 set in 1998.

Record Report
Statement as of 5:28 am EST on January 6, 2007
... Record daily high temperature tied at LaGuardia...
At 516 am... the temperature at LaGuardia reached 59 degrees. This
ties the record daily high set in 1998.
A very warm airmass for January was in place across the tri-state
region on Saturday. This warm air combined with a good deal of
sunshine and mild southwest to west winds allowed temperatures to
soar to record levels. The previous daily record high temperatures
were smashed at all six climate sites across the area. Kennedy
Airport set a new all time record high temperature for the month of
January... while Central Park and LaGuardia tied their monthly record

Here is a summary for the six climate sites around the tri-state
previous record high normal departure
record high temperature high temp from
for Jan 6 set today for Jan 6 normal

Central Park... ..63... 1950 72 38 +34
Newark... ... ... ..61... 1950 72 38 +34
LaGuardia... ... ..59... 1998 72 39 +33
Kennedy... ... ... .57... 1998 71 39 +32
Islip... ... ... ... 55... 1998 68 40 +28
Bridgeport... ... .53... 1949 68 37 +31

Kennedy Airport set a new all time record high temperature for the
month of January. The previous record of 69 degrees was set on
January 26 1950. Climate records at Kennedy date back to 1949.

Central Park and LaGuardia both tied their previous all time record
high temperatures for the month of January. These locations both
previously observed a high temperature of 72 degrees on January 26
1950. Climate records at Central Park date back to 1869... while
records at LaGuardia began in 1948.

Public Information Statement
Statement as of 5:35 PM EST on December 27, 2006

..snowless November and December...

No snow has fallen in Central Park this winter season and it does
not appear that any is likely before the end of the month. The last
snow to occur in Central Park was a trace back on April 8th.

The last time that we had a December without measurable snow in
Central Park was in 2001. What makes this December rare is that not
even a flurry has been observed. We have to go back into the 1800's
to find a December without a flurry (trace of snow). While records
from the 1800's may not be totally accurate in terms of trace
amounts of snow... as best we can tell the last time we had a
December without even a trace of snow(flurries) was back in December

The winter of 1877-1878 also appears to be the latest that a trace
or more of snow was observed - January 4, 1878.

In terms of measurable snow (a tenth of an inch or more) - the
latest for this to occur in the season was January 29, 1973.

So if this winter is anything like 2001-2002 (when only 3.5 inches
was measured) - we will fall short of our average annual snowfall of
22.4 inches and way short of the 40 inches or more we received the
past four (4) winter seasons.

I-95 cam Milford

waterspout in L.I.Sound

Updated: 12:38 AM GMT on February 07, 2007


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