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Happy New Year

By: bigtrucker, 7:39 AM GMT on December 17, 2006

Public Information Statement
Statement as of 5:35 PM EST on December 27, 2006

..snowless November and December...

No snow has fallen in Central Park this winter season and it does
not appear that any is likely before the end of the month. The last
snow to occur in Central Park was a trace back on April 8th.

The last time that we had a December without measurable snow in
Central Park was in 2001. What makes this December rare is that not
even a flurry has been observed. We have to go back into the 1800's
to find a December without a flurry (trace of snow). While records
from the 1800's may not be totally accurate in terms of trace
amounts of snow... as best we can tell the last time we had a
December without even a trace of snow(flurries) was back in December

The winter of 1877-1878 also appears to be the latest that a trace
or more of snow was observed - January 4, 1878.

In terms of measurable snow (a tenth of an inch or more) - the
latest for this to occur in the season was January 29, 1973.

So if this winter is anything like 2001-2002 (when only 3.5 inches
was measured) - we will fall short of our average annual snowfall of
22.4 inches and way short of the 40 inches or more we received the
past four (4) winter seasons.

More snowfall data and information is available on our web Page at:


From my family to yours,Id like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah.And to all, a Happy New Year!!Ive made some special friendships here that i hope will grow in time, and last a lifetime. Ive been so busy lately, I have not been around as much as i would like to.But you put the meaning of what true friends do for each other, not only into me, but my family as well.what a wonderful lesson my children have learned about how kind human nature can be and how that should be payed foward whenever possible.
Thank you all so very much


Updated: 11:37 PM GMT on January 01, 2007


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