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Good News

By: biff4ugo, 12:18 PM GMT on July 31, 2008

I am happy to blog that Florida is getting what we have been praying for, for several years, good steady rain. Lake Harris came up 3" this month. It is wonderful news and only has 2 more feet to rise in order to reach normal levels. Any positive and consistent movement is GREATLY appreciated. What is even better is that rains are predicted to continue for now too.
A good, stable, productive state job during this recession is a great place to be.


Very Bearable

By: biff4ugo, 12:10 PM GMT on July 28, 2008

Saw lots of kids this weekend between the twin boys Liam and Thomas on Friday/Saturday and the girls Olivia/Jillian on Saturday/Sunday it was very happy. Plenty of sun to do chalk drawings on the sidewalk. Lots of heat and humidity to make sword fighting and yard work a challenge, but finishing off with sleepy thunderstorms and enough rain to refresh everything.
Lots o bears at the watering hole yesterday. I just popped in for a second but it was rewarding.


Great times on the Ichatuckney River

By: biff4ugo, 11:58 AM GMT on July 14, 2008

Tubing was great this weekend.
Lots of guys showed up for a great time in the sun and Florida wilderness. The lunchtime rain brough us all much closer together under the little tent. Saw and aligator-gar about 6 feet long, an under water watersnake, blooming eel-grass.
Great church and good times with Mom and Ross on sunday but the water level on Harris is still not risen much. Not even a full inch of water in the boathouse.

Found a great picture of a Galanuel defending it's chicks against a great Egret.


Leaping Rays

By: biff4ugo, 8:13 PM GMT on July 10, 2008

It is awesome to see them fly, especially the big ones.
What an amazing shot! It looks like a space ship.


Wacky Precipitation

By: biff4ugo, 12:13 PM GMT on July 09, 2008

Gainesville FL got another gully washer yesterday but rainfall across the state is VERY inconsistent. These summer non-frontal storm systems can drop 5" in one spot and nothing a few miles away. The monthly map for June shows many counties with rainfall totals of 5" above average and other areas of the same county with 2" below average.
This can be quite frustrating when trying to get a drought to end and lakes to rise.
When a large lake gets 4" of rain and doesn't even rise an inch, that is frustrating too. Can the marshes really be absorbing that much water? It is wacky.


Great 4th Weekend.

By: biff4ugo, 12:11 PM GMT on July 07, 2008

Begining first attempt at a patent.
Great fight weekend and ice cream social. It was steemy-hot outside and we were fortunate that about 90% of the fight class was indoors. I did get a great acrobatic fight with Blue on the monkey bars. Did some decent falls onto a 24" mat. Coreographed a dance/gang fight and performed in about 6 other fights.
Learning Rapier dagger style, and a good class in mass weapons.


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