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Summerlike day in the marketplace

By: barbamz, 8:54 PM GMT on March 29, 2014

Three times a week - Tuesday, Friday and Saturday morning - places at the northern and eastern side of Mainz Cathedral are reservated for farmer's market (only in December the scenery will change as the farmers have to give way for Christmas market, moreover on Carnival and other big festivals in the town). Today has been a spring day with an already summerlike touch - at least in the sun. You can see the varied clothings of the people from thick cardigans (in the shadow) to bare arms (in the sun). The colourful market offers vegetables and fruits, flowers, cheese and wine, as you can see in my pictures below. The farmer selling eggs (and giving advices for a healthy living from his own experience) is always accompanied by cock "Moritz" who is very alive and a celebrity of the market. Moreover you will find fresh grindet coffee, meat, sausages, fresh bread and more exotic foods from other countries. In one spot people use to gather to enjoy an early wine; a lot apparently arrive with their posh bikes. Disadvantage of this unusual warm and sunny March is the drought: Pantsies already look a bit exhausted while some doves are looking for food in the beds ...

Summertime will start this night (March 29/30) in Germany, so we're losing one hour of our sleep.


Current weather in Germany. Source German weather service DWD/Eumetsat.

Updated: 11:52 PM GMT on March 30, 2014


Bright day in Spring

By: barbamz, 9:45 PM GMT on March 09, 2014

Today, March 9, has been a very bright and in some locations record breaking warm day in Germany. We were out to our very rural little weekend house northeast of Frankfurt/Germany to enjoy a walk to nearby medieval castle Ronneburg, the dominating landmark of the whole region. Frequent visitors of my blog already know this castle, at least from far. Hope you like the photos with some closer insights nevertheless :-)

Dawn (yessss! dawn! Have to confess: I stumbled back to bed after taking this photo) at our rural weekend estate:

A lot of people were walking around today, some of them were heading towards castle Ronneburg (in the background):

A closer look to the castle:

But what's that?? A sort of coloured spring mushroom???

Ah, solution: just some early hang gliders testing their equipment for the new season at the slopes below Ronneburg (without much success to be true; winds were weak today):

Fresh spring blossoms at the old walls of the castle:

And what are people doing inside the walls of Ronneburg? Of course, there is a beer garden, and a restaurant to boot. Early opening of the open air season this year:

And what do people eat? German knuckle of pork or something similar as they would have done some decades ago? Noooo! For example I had this little snack, and it's not icecream but mozzarella mousse with tomatoes and spring blossoms (mmmmh!).

Altough the sun was very bright and warm today you could spot the half moon at the sky the whole afternoon:

And this is the top of our old weekend flat with the moon above:

Later after sunset some candle light and fire is very welcome as it's still very early in the year and it's getting cold once the sun is down:

Which fire is real, lol? Hint: both are, but one of them only is the reflexion of the ingle in the window ...

Here is a map from German wetteronline.de showing (stars) the new records of warmth for the first third of March which had been achieved today (in Celsius; 22C = 71,6F):

Most parts of Europe free of clouds today (March 9).

Okay, this is my spring blog. Don't expect new photos every week though :-) Hope you liked them.

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By: barbamz, 11:05 PM GMT on March 04, 2014

(Photos Wiki Commons; cannot find my own ones, lol)

This is the carnival jerk, part of nearby carnival fountain downtown Mainz in Germany, washing his empty wallet at Ash Wednesday.

The fountain, dedicated to characters of local carnival but to some christian saints as well, was finished in 1967 and is one of the attractions for tourists (and locals) in the town. Its shape resembles the spire of the old cathedral, just turned upside down:

Nothing more for now. I leave the blog blank for things to come ...

Updated: 11:14 PM GMT on March 04, 2014


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