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By: barbamz, 10:22 AM GMT on September 25, 2013

Hi, everyone. As my old blog became messy again, causing headaches by its diversity of subjects, I start a new one. It too will be filled with several news in the weeks to come, I fear, although I really have to reduce my activities a bit ;)

Current European rainfall radar.

Live webcam Rhine River and Mainz (old city), where I live.

Pic caught by this cam during sunset September 25.

Nice pic from nearly the same angle from wikipedia. The ship on the right side is a restaurant and won't move.

Trackermap with airplanes arriving at and leaving Frankfurt International Airport near my place in Mainz; the noise they create is shown, too. Mind: No flight are allowed during 11 pm and 5 am local time. Display seems to be delayed by one hour for savety reasons.

Screenshot from this trackermap on Monday evening, September 30. Planes are coming in from my side (west to east). Greener planes = higher planes; browner planes = lower planes.Click to enlarge.

Monday, Sept 30 evening.

New article on BBC (October 9, 2013):
Aircraft noise 'link' to stroke and heart disease deaths

New article on Spiegel English about this issue (October 4, 2013):
Screaming for Quiet: Germans Crank Up Anti-Noise Protests
By Matthias Bartsch

The victims of railroad noise in the Rhine Valley have teamed up with victims of airport noise in the Frankfurt region, and they are now calling for joint demonstrations in Wiesbaden and Mainz, the respective state capitals of Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate. For almost two years now, hundreds of local residents have gathered weekly in the departure hall of Frankfurt Airport, the country's busiest air hub, to protest the noise resulting from the airport's new runway. Citizens are also staging frequent protests against aircraft noise in Berlin, Cologne and Leipzig, as well as along the approach path to the Zurich Airport, in Switzerland.

Update, October 19, 2013
While I use to live about 15 miles west of the Frankfurt International Airport I now spend my week of vaction about 50 miles to the northeast of the airport. And look at the sky! This photo is from today when the tracks fortunately were quite high above my head. Different thing yesterday in the woods. Nature was calm, but the sky above me with a constant line of planes heading to Frankfurt rarely gave me a short break of silence for some seconds :(


Traditional "Almabtrieb" in the European Alps = getting the cattle down to the valleys in autumn. During summer the cattle grazed in the higher mountain pastures. I don't know whether there are similar customs f.e. in the Rocky Mountains. In the Alps there is always a local festival associated with this event. This year they've started quite early due to early snow in the Alps. There are a lot of videos available on youtube, just search for "Almabtrieb 2013". The above one is from Kleinwalsertal in Austria near the German border. Similar thing happens in Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

Another one from Nauders (Austria).

Germany isn't all about the Alpes. In the Northern sea we've got Heligoland, the only really German high-sea island:

Published by Deutsche Welle English, October 9, 2013
Three huge wind farms are being set up 23 kilometers off the island of Heligoland -- in the middle of the North Sea. So Heligoland is undergoing a revamp: to become the world's "first offshore service island" and serve as a base for people involved in the construction and maintenance of the wind farms.
Mayor Jörg Singer has invested heavily in the project and incurred debts: the expansion of the harbor alone is costing islanders 8 million euros. Many here say the money would be better invested in promoting tourism, Heligoland's main source of income for decades. Our series looks at the controversial changes taking place on the picturesque island of Heligoland.


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