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Baja Fire Season Begins

By: bajadock, 3:53 PM GMT on April 30, 2014

Several fire in northern Baja Tuesday.

More info and Ensenada fire details

Ensenada Water Crisis

By: bajadock, 3:56 PM GMT on April 29, 2014

Ensenada Water Crisis Video Link

Video on current Ensenada, Baja California water crisis.

Baja Bloody Mooney

By: bajadock, 4:53 PM GMT on April 15, 2014

Baja Bloody Mooney post with recipe

Last night’s blood red moon eclipse was oohed and aahed by many spacestronimers in SoCal and Baja. 2AM? I can only come up with 2 or 3 things I’m up for at that hour.

Given, the moon is one of those romantic things and a full moon glowing in red is a novelty. C’mon you colorblind, fashion-challenged straight guys: What color describes last night’s moon? ANYTHING, but red!

bloodmoon Pink? Coral? Salmon? Desert rose? Terra cotta fade? Cotton candy? Baby robin? Shrimp shell? Rosebud? Flamingo? Cupid’s cheeks? Mexican Pink Panther? Bugs Bunny Bunz? Strawberry Mousse? Pink lemonade? White Zin? Lobster bisque?

Those last three colors are moving in the right direction. Which is away from a lipstick or paint swatch color to something edible or drinkable.

That brings us to something which really is RED, the Baja Bloody Mooney! The Blood Moon eclipse of the Baja Bloody Mooney is actually a triad of eclipses. Your thirst, hunger and hangover all disappear within minutes of displacement of the drink from the glass into your system.

We did borrow one of the secret ingredients from the best bloody mary in Baja, a dill pickle and its juice, thanks Ashley!

Other than the bacon, an unusual part of the Baja Bloody Mooney recipe is the ingredient missing. We, the staff of mixologists at Ensenada Gringo do not like the tree branches and leaves of a big honkin’ celery stalk fighting our sips of ecstasy. We are celery fans, but, not for this drink.

All of that stuff that grows out of the glass in most eccentric bloodies? We like them, but prefer them on a skewer, stick, sword. This way you have the options of a) letting the chunky ingredients hang in the pool and meld with the liquid, b) Plop the little buggers into your mouth to chew between sips or c) have fun feeding your partner by hand with the scrumptious snacks.

If you are a recipe weenie and need specific amounts and measures of these ingredients, please don’t let the screen door hit your cupid’s cheeks on the way out of here.

Baja Bloody Moonie recipe:

Buen provecho y BURP!

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