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Carnavalgeddon Storm

By: bajadock, 8:36 PM GMT on February 27, 2014

The Baja California/SoCal storm predicted for this weekend will be remembered as “Carnavalgeddon”. Ensenada Carnaval celebrations are this week, with the biggest fiestas planned for the weekend. Here are Bajadock’s top 10 storm warnings for this weekend:

1. It’s going to be rough going for the scantily clad dancers, queens and paper mache “floats” of Carnavalgeddon in Ensenada. Some of Carnaval’s parade routes will be better equipped for boats vs. land craft. Rain is also not so good for restaurants and shops that have increased inventories in anticipation of big crowds. The great news is that restaurants can finally wash dishes after months of using paper and plastic tableware due to water restrictions ;)

2. With the high winds and rains, there is a 50/50 chance of electrical power outage on the Punta Banda peninsula. I’ll add a 50/50 chance for that outage lasting 24 hours or more. There is only one main power line out here with no redundancy.

3. The road widening of Carretera La Bufadora, now reaching the hillside of Punta Banda, is beginning to remove a big portion of the hill. I’ll put the odds at 1 in 3 that Carretera La Buf’ is shut down for 24 hours due to a major mudslide.

4. The last big storm to hit here was in 2010. We were without power for 3 days. The small bridge was out, making the road out to La Bufadora impassible. This week I have a 20 pound turkey and a few pounds of precious Basque chorizo in the freezer. I’ll say that there is only a 10% chance of those thawing. If they do melt, guess who is hosting the dinner party in candlelight?

5. With no storm sewers, street flooding is an adventure in Ensenada and Tijuana whenever we get a half inch or more of rain. By “street flooding”, water levels that will drown your Subaru.

6. Guessing that the grocery stores will be packed with shoppers today, clearing the shelves in preparation for Carnavalgeddon. Like snow shovels in Chicago this winter, Ensenada umbrella sales should also be brisk.

7. Scored two new books from my neighbor(thanks R). Reading by candlelight is a great way to test your ability to be quiet by yourself. Most can’t handle that state of peace. Imagine life without a smart phone, computer, tv, stereo, trash compacter or…EGADZ…NO FACEBOOK…no foreign curse words with friends??? WE ARE DOOMED!

8. We are needing rain in a bad way with this year’s drought. Many in Ensenada are on restricted water availability, such as 10PM -10AM only or daily outages. Have read reports of muddy water being piped into homes.

9. My car needs a bath. And the new skin on my house needs another leak test. Many of my neighbors will have pots and buckets deployed. I’m lucky to have such a good contractor, who figgered out and cured my small leaks in 2012.

10. Despite a few challenges here, anyone in the Midwest USA would gladly trade their polar vortex for our sprinkles. How goes that March lamb and lion saying?


Updated: 5:55 PM GMT on February 28, 2014


Hwy 1 Bajamar Detour

By: bajadock, 9:11 PM GMT on February 25, 2014

Bajadock: The proposed detour from Toll Road k77 @ Bajamar to Rancho Bonito(just south of the wine valley connector) on the Free Road is 12k(7 miles) in length. My map above is accurate on the Bajamar and Rancho Bonito points, but, the path is just my guess. Also, the end of this article mentions a "second stage of the project ... with the bypass link". By bypass link, are they talking about a connection to the Libramiento project, that bypasses Ensenada to the east? Looking forward to details. In the land of mañana, while we wait, the good news is that traffic on the Free Road has been flowing smoothly since the Dec 28 landslide on the Toll Road.

El Vigia, Ensenada, BC
- While officials from the Ministry of Communications and Transport (SCT) ruled out opening a collapsed section adjacent to the Scenic Road to traffic light step, an alternative pathway itself is built from the area Jatay Rancho Bonito, whose would cost at least 50 million pesos, Wenceslao Martínez Santos said.

The president of the Business Coordinating Council of Ensenada (CCEE) said that in the meeting held in Mexico City with federal officials were told about the inability to enable a provisional, a 93 kilometer pass, because it has several fronts working and would not be suitable.

The priority for the SCT, as presented, is expediting the work to rebuild that section collapsed on 28 December.

However, Martinez said Santos, the SCT considered as a viable building Jatay path (on the freeway) at kilometer 87 of the free road Tijuana-Ensenada (Santa Rosa).

"We believe this new stretch of highway 12 kilometers, will trigger investments in the area where it connects to Rancho Bonito" he said.
CCEE President considered that once reopened to traffic Tijuana Ensenada Scenic Road, this new route will vent the Scenic Road, especially for heavy traffic does not have to go through San Miguel.

It also states that in the second stage of the project, he said, with the Bypass link.
Santos Martinez announced that next, when officials visiting the port SCT could provide details of the work.

Updated: 9:14 PM GMT on February 25, 2014


Ensenada WiFi Cafes

By: bajadock, 1:34 AM GMT on February 06, 2014

Had a recent request from a tourist on comfy Ensenada wifi cafes in which to hang when in downtown Ensenada.

My two favorites are Cafe Arabiga on 2nd street & Blancarte and Cafe Torino on 1st(Lopez Mateos) & Blancarte. Both are rarely crowded and the owners and staff are happy to offer additional info on what’s happening in Ensenada.

I avoid Starbucks, if possible, anywhere in the universe. But, use that famous logo as your landmark to visit Cerveceria Wendlandt(6pm – midnight) for a fun brew pub. Wendlandt has no sign. Just look for a funky door between SBucks and Oxxo on Costero when you enter Ensenada from the north.

The map above shows 11 cafes, but, there are a handful of others that come and go as tourism ebbs and flows. There are also dozens of restaurants that also provide wifi and all of these can be found via the Ensenada Interactive map. -wifi-cafes/


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