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Ensenada Estuary

By: bajadock, 8:59 PM GMT on May 16, 2013

My photo is from Punta Banda north toward Ensenada centro. Great hiking in these hills. Please join me.

Ensenada Gringo

Updated: 9:04 PM GMT on May 16, 2013


San Ysidro Ready Lane Map

By: bajadock, 3:23 PM GMT on May 05, 2013

San Ysidro Ready Lane Map, or how to get lost in Tijuana! If my map confuses you, please blame the clusterfluff of Tijuana and not my map-making skills. Constructed this map for visitors and forgot to publicize.

If you have a passport CARD, that works for Ready Lane. Unfortunately, the newish RFID passport BOOKS do NOT qualify for READY LANE.

With all of the construction and changes at the San Ysidro Border Crossing(Tijuana), please beware that these instructions could change at the whim of Customs and Border Patrol(CBP) and/or the city of Tijuana. That is why I'm including all of the options around the border. Traffic, blocked off roads and some holiday celebrations can put you in for a long day if you don't know how to navigate Tijuana.

If you really need to escape TJ from here, PASEO CENTENARIO or PADRE KINO SOUTH(RIGHT) will get you to the AIRPORT and/or the OTAY MESA BORDER CROSSING.

During my crossing this week, I decided to try the PADRE KINO entry to the San Ysidro Ready Lanes. They were blocked off, so I did the Col Federal loop and U-turn at the bus station. This route spits you out onto PASEO CENTENARIO, MHG roundabout and on to VIA RAPIDA ORIENTE entry to READY LANES.

My READY LANE preferences from the Calle Segunda border approach Decision Point are the VRP and PASEO de LOS HEROES options. Photo below(photo 1 on map) give you the choice of 4 lanes to do your thing.

For the Via Rapida Poniente(VRP) option, see the first photo below. It is the right turn after 1/2 mile from the 4 lane Decision Point that will take you to the Scissors U-turn.

For the Heroes option, take PASEO de LOS HEROES lane at Decision Point 1/2 mile to Scissors.

The third photo above shows the route to VRO(along the side of the bridge) 200 yds after the Miguel Hidalgo Glorieta(MHG). Fourth photo puts you at the Nissan dealer right turn to VRO. BE CERTAIN to merge left ASAP after the Nissan right turn to access the READY LANES. Miss this merge left and you'll have to circle back on PASEO CENTENARIO to MHG for a second attempt. Click any of the 4 photos to enlarge them.

My Thursday 10AM crossing wait was 35 minutes. One surprise was that at about 200 yards from the guard shacks, the SENTRI LANES had open access to merge with a READY LANE. Hmmm, that may tempt me on my next READY LANE crossing.

I have mucho experiencia at the sport known as struggling through traffic in TJ and am happy to share.


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