Cameras and toilets

By: auburn , 4:09 PM GMT on June 15, 2011

Going to NOLA this week-end!
Gonna try to see some good folks while I am there on biz.

Welcome to da Doghouse...ITS HOT Clem!

If you really want to save your cellular phone from water damage or save a wet camera battery (as opposed to needing an excuse to get another) Get the cell phone or camera out of the water without delay. Yes, even if you have to reach in the toilet or a 40 degree pool in December. Yes, I have a pool.

Take the battery out and dry with cloth. Dry the sim card and any accessories as well.

Dry the rest of the cell phone or camera with cloth. Water may seep out for a bit, dry thoroughly and carefully.

Place battery, cell phone with accessories and silicone packets into one of the zip loc bags.(Bag A) DO NOT SEAL.

Place a few handfuls of rice into the second zip loc bag. (Bag B) Rice absorbs moisture.

Place the first bag- with battery, cell phone and packets into the bag of rice. (Bag A into Bag B) You want to avoid placing the battery and cell phone into the rice directly because the dust from the rice can get into the small areas of the phone and camera and do it's own damage. Do Not Seal either bag.

Place the bags onto a warm-but not hot- surface such as the top of the refrigerator.

Wait. At least 12 hours, sometimes up to 3 days. Try the battery. It should work. It worked on a phone that had been at the bottom of a pool for 5 minutes and left for dead. It DIDNT WORK on MY WIFES digital camera that fell in the toilet(because I hadn't read all this yet.


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