Brody in the Doghouse!

By: auburn, 2:55 AM GMT on June 19, 2010

the docs had to put Brody bug back on the 02...better safe than sorry I guess...

Here is what Baby Brody has:
Weak White Males and the Difference Race Makes in Preemies
If you are the Caucasian mother of a boy who was premature, you have likely heard this term before. This is also sometimes called "wimpy white boy syndrome" or just "white boy syndrome" so named because white males tend to do the worst when born prematurely. When you are going through the NICU experience, it is difficult to hear that your child may be the weakest simply because of his race. The NICU experience in and of itself is traumatic and hearing that phrase certainly doesn't help.
But it's important to remember (if at all possible in the midst of this situation) that even if the nurse or doctor seems callous to you, this is not a racial issue but rather a statistical likelihood. Here's what you need to know:

The Difference Race Makes

When it comes to how babies do in the NICU, race, as well as gender, make a big difference. Of all premature babies, black girls tend to do the best. There has been some speculation among sociologists that perhaps black babies have a slightly shorter gestational period. There have also been a few widely reported studies suggesting such, however, the gestational period is considered 40 weeks as far as your obstetrician is concerned regardless of your race!

With that said, white boys for some reason do not do as well when they are born prematurely. They simply take longer to develop. If you are told by someone in the hospital that your child has wimpy white boy syndrome, you need to remember that this is not meant as a racial statement against you or your family. It is simply a matter of statistics. White males do not tend to do nearly as well in the NICU compared to girls and boys of other races. While there have been several studies proving this to be statistically true, there are not any good studies (at least not that I'm aware of) that suggest why this is the case.

Weak White Male is NOT a Diagnosis

I was amazed as I looked for information on this subject how many moms would say that their child suffered from wimpy white boy syndrome. This is not a diagnosis in the same way that something like jaundice would be a diagnosis. This is a tendency for white males to develop more slowly and have longer stays in the NICU. This means that their lungs are slower to develop and like all premature babies, they could possibly suffer life long effects from being born prematurely.

If you are in the NICU and you're told your boy has to stay because of wimpy white boy syndrome press for further details. Generally, it means that his lungs are simply not developed enough. However, it is important for you to get that information so you can know how best to help your baby.

You Can Help Your Preemie

Despite the statistics, you can help your baby by bringing him as much breast milk as possible, and by doing kangaroo care as much as possible. Both of these practices have been shown to dramatically reduce NICU time and have also been correlated to better outcomes.

Surviving the NICU is never easy. It is heart wrenching to see your baby hooked to wires and tubes and hear scary words like 'viability', and 'physiological immaturity'. The more you know however, the better you'll be able to make informed decisions and feel confident in what's going on.

Brody is still in ICU...but doing better!!!Thanks all !

Via My Daughter Jennifer Noel Kelley... please pray for brody. he is having a little trouble breathing so they have him on oxygen and IV and they are running test on him. i havnt got to see or hold him since i right after i had him, because my BP is to high im not aloud to go to him, and since he is having problems he cant come to the room! :/ super sad. so no one is really getting to see him right now. but please pray for him!

5.9 ..19.5 long ...we have a Baby and baby are fine!!!

Per Jennifer Kelley.....(Da Momma)
dr. cooper thinks i may have toxemia so i was admitted. im being
induced soon so brody should be here by tomorrow! please pray his
lungs are developed enough! and wish me luck! im nervous but so excited
that i will be meeting my little boy soon!!

Need Rain and AC!!!
AC out again...

Welcome to da Doghouse...right Clem?

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The Dog house

By: auburn, 12:05 AM GMT on June 16, 2010

Lets try again folks...only the facts...keep your personal crap off my blog..I dont have the time for it...thanks...RESPECT...

Welcome to da Doghouse...right Clem?

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By: auburn, 1:30 AM GMT on June 14, 2010

I got AC fixed...OMG it feels so good!!!

Welcome to da Doghouse...right Clem?


Just cant be happy with all the dieing..

By: auburn, 3:19 PM GMT on June 03, 2010

Welcome to da Doghouse...right Clem?

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Welcome to the DogHouse

By: auburn, 5:35 PM GMT on June 01, 2010

Welcome to da Doghouse...right Clem?


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