Get your gas now

By: auburn, 1:31 AM GMT on September 01, 2008

We have several stations here that are out of Regular already...and say it will be a few days before they get anymore...prices haven't gone up but 10 cent or so...but if you cant get any it dosent matter...


A little of everything here...even weather!!!but if you want real weather news dont count on this

Where do U think Ike will go?and why?keep it simple as you can...trying to learn

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The Opossum that just wont leave

By: auburn, 3:34 AM GMT on August 27, 2008

A few months back our cat lucky(aka cat5)brought home this cute little bitty opossum(fit into your hands)so we called the vet and followed all the care instructions till he was bigger...when he was big enough we took him out into the woods to release him(opened the door of his pen and left him like the vet said)went back later to get the dogie create and guess what Opie (the possums name )was still inside covered in we brought him back home and treated his bites.....He is now the size of a large tom cat and refuses to leave his cage...growls for his food when its dinner time and uses a litter box(thats in his pen)he enjoys being petted like a cat or dog would and seems to enjoy his what can I do?????

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Rains gone

By: auburn, 8:55 PM GMT on August 23, 2008

But we got a good soaking for sure!!!

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Da Wedder BlogLANDCANE

By: auburn, 9:59 PM GMT on August 14, 2008

Don't normally post weather stuff...but Fay is such an oddball that I am intrigued and curious as to where she may end up and in what

Fay hits Florida, strengthens as it moves inland
Published: 8/19/08, 4:25 PM EDT
NAPLES, Fla. (AP) - Tropical Storm Fay rolled ashore in Florida Tuesday short of hurricane strength, but mysteriously gained speed as it headed over land, bringing heavy rain, high wind and tornadoes.

The storm dumped knee-deep water in some streets, downed trees and plunged 58,000 homes and businesses into the dark. A tornado ripped through Brevard County, damaging 51 homes, nine severely. But overall, residents said it wasn't as bad they feared.

"We're still here," said Corey Knapp, resident manager of the Ivey House, a bed and breakfast in Everglades City.

Still, forecasters were watching as the storm gathered strength, its top sustained winds increasing by 5 mph to 65 mph at 3 p.m. The development was unusual because the storm was away from its energy source of warm ocean waters.

Tropical storms and hurricanes do occasionally strengthen while over land, said Eric Blake, a specialist at the National Hurricane Center. Forecasters are not certain why it is occurring with Fay, but its pressure was dropping as it made landfall and that usually leads to stronger winds, he said. It also moved over the flat, swampy Everglades, which has ample warm water that storms need for energy.

"A strong tropical storm can be very significant," he said, pointing to wind damage in the state's interior and the possibility of flooding from the up to 15 inches expected in parts of central Florida.

And from the Dr.s blog(gotta love copy and
Tropical Storm Fay (AKA "The Joker") is pulling a trick that may be unprecedented--significantly intensifying over land, developing a full eyewall. The radar and satellite images of Fay this afternoon (Figures 1 and 2) show a much better-organized storm than the Fay that made landfall this morning. Fay now has a symmetric appearance with a full eyewall, and the winds near the center were sustained at 60 mph this afternoon at Lake Okeechobee. These winds are higher than anything measured at landfall this morning. Remarkably, the pressure has fallen over 10 mb since landfall, and I can't ever recall seeing such a large pressure fall while a storm was over land. Hurricane Andrew of 1992 crossed South Florida and did not weaken significantly, but "The Joker" has significantly intensified. It does happen sometimes that the increased friction over land can briefly act to intensify a hurricane vortex, but this effect is short-lived, once the storm is cut off from its oceanic moisture source. To have a storm intensify over land and maintain that increased intensity while over land for 12 hours is hard to explain. The only thing I can think is that recent rains in Florida have formed large areas of standing water that the storm is feeding off of. Fay is also probably pulling moisture from Lake Okeechobee. Anyone want to write a Ph.D. thesis on this case? Wow

dont think CBs Tunnels will help with this feeds on land..hahahahaha

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By: auburn, 2:56 AM GMT on August 12, 2008



By: auburn, 5:37 PM GMT on August 10, 2008

Taking a break for awhile!

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Come on people...Gezz

By: auburn, 6:13 PM GMT on August 03, 2008

Parents really let this guy do this to their Kids????
19 indictments for accused underwear-survey conman
Published: 8/4/08, 7:46 PM EDT

CINCINNATI (AP) - A man accused of conning parents into allowing their children to remove clothing so he could conduct a "marketing survey" of their underwear has been indicted on 19 criminal counts involving 11 minors.

A Hamilton County grand jury indicted 44-year-old Ben Hawkins of suburban Cincinnati on charges including kidnapping, gross sexual imposition and attempted gross sexual imposition.

Police say Hawkins told the children he wanted to measure their underwear and then touched them sexually.

Prosecutors say the scam was perpetrated on boys and girls between the ages of 9 and 16 over a five-month period starting in March.

cant wait for fall/winter so I can go out in the yard and play with all my unfinished projects

This heat is so oppressive...and welcome back to the ones that got a ban reprieve

Dont be a troll....Just enjoy the good folks here on WU!

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HUMMM all these folks in here and no one is posting...LOL
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