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By: actual , 12:32 AM GMT on August 22, 2008

My face hurts.

After what I'd call a really boring morning, I treated myself to my daily bike ride, out to Coyote Hills again. It was beautiful weather here, 70 degrees, fog lifted to white puffy clouds. I'd wanted to get out early, but that just didn't happen.

I spent a bit of time in the butterfly garden, conversed with some friends in the Visitor Center there, and got a nice surprise when I walked out the door to retrieve my bicycle.

It seems the way to my bike was... occupied. The fox just stood there for a moment, gazed at me as I took a few pictures (can't help myself -- have camera, will travel), then it went behind the building. A smile plastered itself across my face.

And then as I rode out, I saw something that made me smile even more. I watched a pair of squirrels tussle with each other, running around like, well, crazy squirrels. One of them got chased into a mustard plant. What did he do? He stopped and smelled the flower. As in pulled it toward his nose with his little squirrel-hand, and inhaled. No kidding. Really really.

No picture of that :( but a wonderful thing to have seen ;).

Now you know why my face hurts... I can't seem to stop smiling ;) ;)

Common Gray Fox (actual)
I stepped outside of the Visitor Center at Coyote Hills and found this little beauty guarding my bicycle ;)
Common Gray Fox

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