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August ramblings

By: actual , 12:52 AM GMT on August 13, 2008

The marshes are drying up... the chiggers are out in force, and the poison oak is doing quite well. Too well, in fact, for my taste!

I suppose I've another two weeks or so to go before my current combination of chiggers and poison oak rashes are gone.

Knowing the chiggers were out there, I followed my standard procedure for avoiding being chigger bait. I used insect repellent. I jumped into a warm shower as soon as I got home from my photo shoot and scrubbed myself from stem to stern with a soapy washcloth.

Well, that usually works if it's only a chigger issue.

Unfortunately, it's exactly the wrong thing to do if you've gotten poison oak and don't know it, since it just spreads your poison oak around. From stem to stern, in fact.

Gee, way to make a girl feel pretty!

I'd been along deer trails, near areas of poison oak, but I never came close to touching the plant. I thought that because I recognized and avoided it I could avoid a rash from it.

I hadn't realized that the deer would romp through the stuff, anointing all their trails with the urushiol from the poison oak. Of course, it doesn't affect them at all... how fair is that?

In the meantime, I'm staying out of the marshes, sticking to the trails and scratching when I think nobody's looking ;)...

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4. JDinWPA
3:01 AM GMT on August 15, 2008
Hi actual. I feel so bad for you. We don't have poison oak but do have poison ivy, which I am very allergic to. Sympathies. Nice squirrel pictures!
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3. actual
4:52 AM GMT on August 14, 2008
Thanks, and I really appreciate your compliments! I think my oozing blisters are starting to dry up a bit, and it looks great... oops, my mistake-- my skin is peeling like crazy. It's especially a-peeling around the face and neck areas.

Hey, just a minute there! Lots of women have gone and paid money to professionals for chemical peels, to rejuvenate their skin, right? If this is anything like what they paid for, well, I'll look a good ten years younger when I'm done peeling, right? And hey, it'll have been relatively cheap, except for the itchiness, which has been.... priceless! :)
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2. GardenGrrl
7:31 AM GMT on August 13, 2008
EEEwwwwww Chiggers and poisen oak. Thought Texas was the only place to get those nasty critters. Sorry about your discomfort, but those are some great photos.!
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1. icmoore
1:03 AM GMT on August 13, 2008
I guess we know what you were doing to get those chiggers and poison oak! I love your photos!!! You just keep blowing me away with them. Thanks and don't scratch :)
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