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Mirror, Mirror on the wall …

By: aSigiam , 11:21 PM GMT on March 10, 2013

It is a simple device. No moving parts.
It usually is a fragile device. Although, with today’s technology, one could be made virtually unbreakable.
As any tool, it can be used properly and improperly.
If made correctly, it just sits there reflecting what is before it.
An undistorted, unaltered, just simply an image.
There is something very powerful about a mirror.
That ability to reflect and give a different perspective.
It usually helps us get ready to go out into the world by showing use what we look like.
Sometimes this is pleasant enough; sometimes we don’t really like what we see.
We make alterations until we feel we have done enough to be presentable.
Of course the mirror is a passive thing.
But for something that doesn’t speak, it can send quite a message.
The more difficult mirror to look into is one that looks into our minds.
I have recently been before that mirror and it is not attractive.
For it showed that I had been something I was fighting against.
Time to get up and take a walk – which is what I did.
Not to run away, but to recover from the shock of seeing it.
Now the task is to study this image that now will not go away,
To try to understand how it got there and, determine what path to take.
It is a work in progress…

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4. WunderAlertBot (Admin)
2:36 PM GMT on April 04, 2013
aSigiam has created a new entry.
3. aSigiam
5:28 PM GMT on March 13, 2013
Hi GardenGrrl, thanks for stopping by! Yes, spring cleaning is here. There is much junk that just needs to be thrown away :-)

Hi shore, always good to hear from you! We had decent rain the other day. Unfortunately most of the lightening went around us, so no pictures.

It is funny how many times, the simplest of things can be so influential.

I do remember using a magnifying glass to burn leaves and grass. I won’t go into much detail about giant TV magnifying glass we had on the old TV at the Fraternity house in college. Just don’t stand under it outside on a sunny day ;-)

Your right shore, I really should be spending more time around here than some of the other places on the net. I like the people here and it is much more fun!

Now, my home remedy for sinus health. Eat habaneros regularly. (Maybe I can apply for a grant to do a study).
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2. GardenGrrl
9:59 AM GMT on March 11, 2013
Hey Sig, sounds like you are having some spring reflections. This is a good time for it. Spring is for growth.
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1. shoreacres
11:37 PM GMT on March 10, 2013
Well, hello! Glad to see you.

Those are some interesting words about the mirror. We've all been in that situation a time or two, or six, or more. Talking a walk isn't a bad response. Glad you walked back here.

How much rain did you get last night? I haven't really looked, but it sounded like there was at least an inch or two your way. Did you see any of the hail that was reported? I hope not.

Things are pretty much the same down here. It's going to take me a day or two to adjust to the time change. I don't know why it's harder in spring than in fall, but it is - at least for me. But, we adjust.

I'm still thinking about that mirror. Your comment about no moveable parts, and unbreakable, remind me of a mirror that was in an old cosmetics kit Mom had. It had been her mother's, and the "mirror" actually was polished metal. It was so shiny that it worked well enough - you certainly could see how your hair looked. As kids, we always were disappointed we couldn't set leaves on fire with it, though. ;)

I just heard today the strawberries are in over at the local truck farm, and they're going to open public picking next week. Do you have any plans for a garden this year? How are the critters?

Don't be a stranger, now!
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